BardsFM & Resistance Chicks Talk Turkey!

Leah and I had the privilege of joining Scott Kesterson of BardsFM for a special Thanksgiving conversation. We talked about Kyle Rittenhouse coming out hard at Lin Wood in his interview with Tucker Carlson. Then we went into the foundation of our nation, founding fathers, our forefathers, the pilgrims, the first Thanksgiving and why we have every reason to HOPE and every reason to FIGHT to preserve this great republic they sacrificed everything to give us.

Viktor Orban’s Epic Interview; France/Italy Take To the Streets in Protest 8/8/2021

On today’s episode of this weeks TOP stories from around the world:
Tucker Carlson Interviews Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban in an amazingly candid and insightful conversation everyone NEEDS to see. Then, Italians and French LIBERTY fighters continue to take to the streets in protest of health passes needed to do basic tasks. Also, after a one week ban on YouTube for critiquing lockdowns and mandates, Sky News Australia hit back- but Australian Senators want to interrogate the news channel saying if “something is too dangerous for the internet it’s too dangerous dangerous for tv”.

Biden Admin Targets “Disinformation”

Jen Psaki announces Whitehouse is directly working with Facebook to deplatform anyone they feel is spreading “disinformation, this is fascism.
The match of freedom has been lit in #Cuba, with citizens rising up fighting against the chains of communism!
Then, results are in in AZ, and they are massive! Tucker Drops GA Truth Bombs. Meanwhile, chaos is taking place in #Africa as rioting and looting wreaks havoc.


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