Revolutionary Revivalists Ep2

Revolutionary Revivalists – Never Look Back: Fill Your Holes 🔥

As we run this race in life, there is no guarantee that potholes and areas where sin and evil will always be closed off! On tonight’s show, we will discuss how to divinely join with the Father in covering over those potholes that were set up to destroy and conquer us! It’s time we overthrow those lies and allow God to cover and renew us as we once again walk in perfect harmony with the Father! If you’re in need of renewal and hope once again, join us tonight as the Revolutionary Revivalists speak on these issues and pray that you will encounter the heart of the Father today! 🔥🔥🔥

BardsFM and Resistance Chicks are proud to present the Revolutionary Revivalists! Wisdom and the POWER of God from the youth of BardsNation and the Resistance Chicks Family!

Join us LIVE for The Revolutionary Revivalists’ weekly program on Thursdays with hosts Abigail Petersen and Leia Lumba! Be sure to subscribe and follow their Rumble channel!

The Revolutionary Revivalists
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