BardsFM & Resistance Chicks Talk Turkey!

Leah and I had the privilege of joining Scott Kesterson of BardsFM for a special Thanksgiving conversation. We talked about Kyle Rittenhouse coming out hard at Lin Wood in his interview with Tucker Carlson. Then we went into the foundation of our nation, founding fathers, our forefathers, the pilgrims, the first Thanksgiving and why we have every reason to HOPE and every reason to FIGHT to preserve this great republic they sacrificed everything to give us.

LIVE Interview With Peznt Journalist!

For the past month or so, we have been using his threads and data to bring to our audience hard hitting facts about the globalist agenda and it’s intricately laid out instruction manual. These threads have been not only been extremely eye-opening, but outright alarming. We’ve always known what they were doing and thanks to Phil Gibson and his incredible investigative journalism, we now have the proof.


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