Men Who Bought Into the Lies of Witchcraft

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January 21, 2024
Everyone Around the World The youngest to the babies in the womb, to the oldest, knows about Jesus Christ.
Evil tries to separate and divide people from one another. Where 2 or more are together in Jesus’ Name there is love! No one can separate Jesus from anyone. Jesus went into the pits of Hell and preached the gospel to Man brought under the lies of Witchcraft, and preached the Gospel and took captive Captivity.

Men purposively set out to destroy paradise on earth, heaven on earth. A good moral upright society that America is born as. America you are Good. To destroy the “goodness of God!”Jesus Commands us to “Love God” and Love our neighbor”. Men truly are insane, and extremely violent without the knowledge of God’s Powerful love and kindness. God is very good. Man is weakened by sin and their trespasses on other’s lives and lands. Held slaves, captives, prisoners of their own sins and the sin that dwell! So Sad. Men without the discipline of God’s spirit, their Heavenly Father need learn to take captive every thought to God’s throne within them. The Supernatural power of their Salvation. Rejoice not that Demons are subject to you but rejoice in your salvation. That is where the throne and power of God are within each man.

“The Divine Spark”, Life Liberty, and Happiness comes from eating from this tree. The Tree of Life. The Divine Spark that ignited God’s life and transformation of a man’s soul from sinner to Saint. As you were a small child and you pure innocent love. make sure the name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. Jesus is the Life, the Tree of Life the Book of Life. That Spark has gone off within your mortal body by the connection of your immortal soul and spirit to the spirit of God’s eternal Spirit. You have become one with God. A miracle happened. “Love filled your mind, soul, and body. A connection was made to your Creator, your Father in heaven! In Karate, playing the piano, handwriting, speaking, anything. To be very good at it it takes discipline. Practice. Over and over again.

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