About Resistance Chicks

The Resistance Chicks are sisters, Leah and Michelle Svensson, who run a suburban farm and homestead in southern Ohio. Through their news commentary channels on YouTube they want to empower the people with tools to stand up against tyranny from every direction.They have a world wide audience and their goal is to bring real, relevant news, with a side of crazy and laughter to help the red pill go down. They stand for a righteous America, the one our Founding Fathers bled and died for- the America that the Pilgrims sacrificed everything to gain. Having been both home schooled and public schooled, they seek to utilize their years of study on history and our founding fathers in hopes to right the revisionist history lies we’ve all been taught through public school indoctrination. They start and end every show with their saying, “It’s not just a Conspiracy Theory if it’s the Truth” because the truth is stranger than fiction.

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