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The Resistance Chicks are sisters, Leah and Michelle Svensson, who run a suburban farm and homestead in southern Ohio. Through their news commentary channels on YouTube they want to empower the people with tools to stand up against tyranny from every direction.They have a world wide audience and their goal is to bring real, relevant news, with a side of crazy and laughter to help the red pill go down. They stand for a righteous America, the one our Founding Fathers bled and died for- the America that the Pilgrims sacrificed everything to gain. Having been both home schooled and public schooled, they seek to utilize their years of study on history and our founding fathers in hopes to right the revisionist history lies we’ve all been taught through public school indoctrination. They start and end every show with their saying, “It’s not just a Conspiracy Theory if it’s the Truth” because the truth is stranger than fiction.

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      1. I found you on Bitchute … something told me to do a search “🤔 do a simple search Wendy for some good news”… and that is how I found you crazy good resistance chick’s and your website. Etc looking forward to studying the Bible with you both.

  1. Nice picture, not sure how I found you Ladies. But you both radiate a positive personality. I’m hooked.

  2. Love watching/listening to you on Rumble, just found your channel ‘by chance’ after leaving Youtube. So happy God led me to your channel. Keep the faith – God is in control!

  3. I found you on Bitchute … something told me to do a search “🤔 do a simple search Wendy for some good news”… so I put simply in the search box [Good News]and that is how I found you crazy good positive resistance chick’s and your website. Etc,,, looking forward to studying the Bible with you both.

  4. I just saw you ladies on Mike Adams in an interview! I think you both are AWESOME!!
    Women who love the Lord, grow their own food and are self sufficient to me have more appeal than women in the city who don’t want to grow food, etc.

    God Bless you both! I hope I can meet a woman like yourselves to be self sufficient and be in love! I had a woman like that in Maine, but her daughter became a wedge and caused my divorce.

  5. Saw you gals on Mike Adams, I’m from rural Indianapolis, have several acres, have a garden, bees, agree with your outlook, and I’m a resistance guy too! I wish the both of you the best of luck, God Bless!


  6. Just caught the last few sentences, literally, on frankspeech.com with Brannon Howse. Good on ya! May the Lord bless you and keep you, and make His grace shine upon the seeds you sow, both on your crops, and on the people who hear the word of Christ from you, that you may reap a bountiful harvest both in this life, and in the blessed life with our Lord in our eternal home with Him! In the precious, powerful name above all other names, which every knee shall bow to say;” Jesus Christ “🙏 amen!
    I’m very interested to learn more about you. If you’d send me info? I’m truly sorry I slept thru the time on frank s. With your talk with Brannon. I am also an intercessor prayer warrior for those whom love the Lord in Spirit and truth. I immediately picked up your heart’s for Him, and your zeal. I find this very refreshing indeed!
    As Jesus told us, “Be wise as serpents, but harmless as doves.” Do you know what this means? Jesus’ words have deep meaning. Please, take note of this verse, because it will be a tool for you in these days. I will pray the Lord will make this verse very clear to you, for I’m to give it out to you here now. Stay sweet, and do not lose your saltiness! Sorry for the long words, but I’m lead to give you encouragement, and blessing.
    In Christ,Virginia

    1. I want to make clear I was taking a nap and off the air, not sleeping thru the program while you were on Frank speech. Thank you, Virginia.❣️

    2. Aww, that is so sweet of you Virginia! And thank you for your kind words! All of the info about is you need is right here on this website- we’re two sisters who own our late grandmother’s home together, take care of our disable uncle, have a suburban homestead where we raise pigs, chickens and produce, we run a small pet care business together and spread the light of God’s love through current events! I hope that helps! God bless you!

  7. I saw you on Brannon last night!
    Could you please give the following links to your neighbor suffering from adverse reactions to the vaccine? They may offer dramatic improvements. If their doctors won’t offer the medications suggested perhaps they can contact americas frontline doctors.
    This is for the video 4+ hours. The treatments to consider are on the pull down menu under event 2021.

    This video is about 3 hours long and has a 4 drug treatment that has worked well in people having long haul covid.
    I hope and pray these could be helpful and effective for your neighbor and others.

  8. Just saw you beautiful god fearing women on frankspeech!!! Praise the Lord!!! So I am a northeast Ohio resident (geauga county) Any info on Ohio’s election stuff???we found out the the state of Ohio has purchased new machines and are the same as “Michigan’s” and Stark county fought it but Ohio Supreme Court sided with the machines.
    In June my husband and I sat in a meeting with our county election board…yes they are getting the machines and a newly constructed building (for all the county offices) I hope this info helps. How can we help not have these machines?

    1. So glad you found us! Yes, there are things in the works to help with Ohio’s voting- right now the best thing to do is to call our reps and demand they take this seriously. Let them know we want to vote with PAPER ballots and demand they don’t allow these machines. It sounds to me like you guys are active in your community and we will keep promoting groups like Ohio Battle Ground Alliance who are fighting for things like this!

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