His Glory & Resistance Chicks Present: Revive US

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Ohio Battleground State Fighting Demonic Strongholds

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Save America Revival Tour Ohio Edition

9:00am – 9:00pm Saturday 1 Oct 2022

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Frank Speech


REVIVE US: The Save America Revival Tour – OHIO Edition


 Ohio be ready at anytime to be called up to spiritual battle: Time for a posse, the enemy is Satan, Demons, Witches, Wizards, Baphomet worshippers. Come dressed in repentance, clothed with Salvation, the mantel of peace with God on your shoulders. James 5.
The weapons of our warfare are not physical [weapons of flesh and blood]. Our weapons are divinely powerful for the destruction of fortresses. 2 Corinthians 10:4  



Oct. 1st, 9AM-9PM

Harvest Revival Center

1488 Johnsville-Brookville Rd

Brookville, OH 45309

The event will take place outside under a tent. Food and beverage will be available for purchase.

This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave where we put God first above all else! One of the most powerful prayer meetings in history is in the Book of Acts. 

 We are one nation under God! 

The time is now to spread the Gospel message from east to west to north to south! Our future depends on it.

The event will take place outside under a tent. Food and beverage will be available for purchase.

One of the most powerful prayer meetings in history is in the Book of Acts.

We believe that we have been called for such a time as this, as they did in the book of Acts, to unite in prayer and to intercede for true revival in the United States through Jesus Christ.

The Save America Revival Tour, Ohio, focuses on equipping the American people with the truth about Jesus and the good news of the Gospel. It’s time to unite our brothers and sisters from all walks of life in Christ & family! We are one nation under God! The time is now to spread the Gospel message from north to south to east to west.

Our future depends on it.

God bless you & God bless the United States of America!


Our future depends on it.

Here is our Ohio schedule:

12:50 PM – 1:10 PM Coach Dave Daubenmire

1:20 PM – 1:40 PM Dr. Douglas Frank

1:50 PM – 2:20 PM His Glory Music Praise and Worship

2:25 PM – 2:45 PM Sheila Holm

2:50 PM – 3:10 PM Attorney Thomas Renz

3:20 PM – 3:40 PM Pete Santilli

3:50 PM – 4:10 PM Seth Holehouse

4:20 PM – 4: 40 PM Pam Popper

4:50 PM – 5:10 PM Amanda Grace

5:20 PM – 5:50 PM His Glory Praise Band (Steve Hill)

5:55 PM – 6:15 PM Pastor Todd Coconato

6:20 PM – 6:40 PM Pastor Niel Peterson

6:50 PM – 7:10 PM Julie Green

7:20 PM – 7:50 PM Prayer Team: Healing Service / Prayer / Deliverance with His Glory Music Praise and Worship / Closing Remarks

7:20 PM Fire & Smores & Popcorn

7:55 PM – 9:00 PM Chris Burgard / Dave Scarlett / Capitol Punishment Movie

God bless you & God bless the United States of America!

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Headline News 9/30/2022

Important for Ohioans, IAN is pressing into Ohio even the west side so the audio has a lot of wind.


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