The Miracle Tree, The Apple does not Fall far From The Tree, a Seed, Watered, Planted and Grows Part 1 & 2

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Look at Congress, the Military, Joe Biden, The CIA, the FBI, the FDA, the NSA, all of it. The Treasury Department, The State Department all of it. Business, Corporation the UN. seeing Satan bring mass murdering, poisoning people, deceiving, causing mass starvation, homelessness, drug addiction porn addictions, manipulating, and enslaving people around the world. They see all men as their slaves. They live these lives of debauchery and depravity like the young men in the Senate chambers. According to The scripture above they are not a government. They are a tyranny. Pirates! Usurpers, Invaders, treasoners: Men committing treason and Satanists worshipping Satan. They are wicked that God creates and ordains to punish.
Romans 13:1 And the existing authority is ordained by God. RSV. Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is NO authority except from God. And The President of Ukraine’s shamefully depraved life and mind. Shame has brought God’s wrath on them. Hunter Biden is the Poster Boy of their lack of self control addiction and vile criminally filthy dirty abusive life. Abusing women and even children. As he abuses himself. The Children show forth the inside of their Fathers. ugliness and depravity.
Choose this day whom you will serve. Which Fathers you will study and follow. Which do you look up to and model your lives after.

Rumble Pt1

Rumble Pt2

Bitchute Pt1

Bitchute Pt2

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