Sen Ron Johnson’s Vaccine Injury Press Conference & Biden’s Insane Federal Mandate

PLUS: Virginia’s New Lt Governor Winsome Sears

On today’s episode of Headline News: Senator Ron Johnson held an urgently needed roundtable discussion with the vaccine injured and medical experts on federal vaccine mandates and the importance of health care freedom, November 1st, 2021. We heard heartbreaking testimonials from those injured by vaccines or affected by vaccine mandates. This has to stop. Why do we need to get raw data from the UK? Where is the follow up by the CDC and the drug companies for those who have been permanently injured by doing “their part,” as they are forced and coerced to by the government?

Joe Biden just took mandates up to the next level by federally mandating companies with more than 100 employees require proof of vaccination or a weekly negative test. The Federal government will be doing random health inspections and raised the fines for non compliance by 700% , up to $134,000 per business. This isn’t about public health, something more sinister is at hand.

The new Virginia Lt. Governor, Winsome Sears is a firecracker and everything we need in the fight for justice right now!
But what’s the deal with Governor elect Gary Youngkin? His ties to China, the Carlyle group and the World Economic Forum… don’t trust what you see. But God is on the move and it’s not about who won, it’s about the people who spoke out for a change!
Then Kentucky Senator, Rand Paul, grills Anthony Fauci once again, and it’s epic! All of that and MUCH more! 


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Watch Sen Ron Johnson’s hearing/press conference on vaccine injuries here.




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Whicket Williams
Whicket Williams
2 years ago

Everything that distracts from the baby-eating monsters consuming and exterminating us with the vaxx is a distraction.
FORGET politics.
They will destroy us ALL.
ALL of our woes come from the same place, ba’al worship.

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