Revelation Redpill EP 56

Acts Ch 2- What Really Happened on the Day of Pentecost?

Join us WEDNESDAY 5/1/2024
8:30 PM ET
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Acts 2 is the go-to chapter for Pentecostals and Charasamtics when teaching on the gifts of the Holy Spirit, especially the gift of speaking in tongues. However, the day of Pentecost was so much more than we realize. Because of bad end times theology, we miss the richness of the prophetic promises that were poured out. The apostle Peter rose up and declared, “This is that which the prophet Joel spoke about.” What did Joel prophesy? Are we missing some keys to unlocking the power of the kingdom? Jesus told his followers to: “wait in Jerusalem until you receive power from on high”. They had recieved salvation; they had been baptized with water, but Jesus said, “hang on, you are about to be baptized in fire…” This fire changed the world.


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