Part 1 and 2 Edited Passover Words of Wisdom Updates God created America and All the States

Rumble Pt 1

Read along:
God created America and All the States, We must submit to him and obey him. Those who worship God worship in Spirit and Truth. If led by the Holy Spirit of Truth you will not sin.
Song off Canva: No plan For The Wicked by Just Peachy
Like the songs says God has no plans for the wicked. Passover: Repentance. Turn for anything you know, desire, long for, are bitter about, dwell in darkness, turn to the Light of Jesus Christ. Lose every thing you have of the World for devotion to Jesus Christ. Only gold and silvers coins are money Blackrock owns nothing. Counterfeit money makes their contracts, titles, and ownership of anything worthless.
Luke 14:33 AMP
So then, none of you can be My disciple who does not [carefully consider the cost and then for My sake] give up all his own possessions.

Rumble Pt 2

Bitchute Pt 1

Bitchute Pt 2

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