BardsFM & Resistance Chicks: President Trump, Stop Pushing the Vaccine

On the anniversary of the most fraudulent election in the history of our nation, Scott Kesterson of BardsFM joined us today in what could be the most POWERFUL show we have ever done.

Like millions of Americans, Scott, Leah and I have been avid supporters of President Trump! We have stood with him this past year fighting to expose the truth that the 2020 election was a complete fraud, no matter what that has done to our reputations.

However, like millions of Americans, and people around the world- doctors, scientists, researchers, front line workers, and even friends and neighbors, it has been proven without a doubt that these “vaccines” are not safe. Hundreds of thousands, (likely more) have been injured due to these vaccines, and tens of thousands (likely more) have been killed. It must stop. It is time that we the people call on President Trump to stop promoting this vaccine. But even more than that, he needs to tell everyone about the injuries, he needs to direct the public to the treatments that ARE working and saving lives, like Ivermectin and Fluvoxamine. Dr. Syed Haider (see our interview with him here) has treated over 4,000 acute Covid-19 patients with Ivermectin and Fluvoxamine, only 5 of which went to the hospital, but NONE of them died.

We have a message for President Trump:
All of us, like you, have put our lives, our fortune and sacred Honor on the line for the fight to defend the freedoms our fathers fought and died for. We stand here today to prove to the world that they are wrong in thinking we blindly follow you no matter what. To show them that what Made America Great Again was that you listened to “we the people” and represented us. We ask you to continue to do that. We are shouting from the roof tops that this vaccine is doing far more harm than good, that early treatment saves lives, that there is no reason for anyone to die.

We have countless doctors treating 100’s of thousands of patients, with totally SAFE and EFFECTIVE treatments like ivermectin, fluvoxamine, steroids and so much more, while not losing any patients. Contrarily, the vaccine is ruining countless lives, and murdering many more. Most of your supporters know this, and yet they still defend you saying “maybe he just doesn’t know.” We hope that’s true, so we’re asking you to stand up, now that you do know. It’s not enough to say we are against the mandates. You must tell the world how dangerous these vaccines are. That people are not being given informed consent when they take it. They have no idea their lives could be ruined forever as a result. They don’t know there are treatments that are saving lives and ending the pandemic around the world as we have seen in India and Japan. Please president Trump, stop telling people how great the vaccine is, it is not- it’s killing people and ruining lives.

Then tell them not to fear because we have treatments that can save their lives. Please tell the world that these vaccines are not 100% safe or effective, that they are far from it. They don’t stop you from contracting or transmitting the virus, and worse, they can damage your body forever, and even worse, take your life. 

We stood with you through the darkest hours, we’re asking you to stand with us. Stand for 12 year old Maddie De Garay, who lives in our town; she is in a wheelchair after participating in a children’s Pfizer vaccine trial and no one is standing up for her. We need you to be the one who does. To stand up for the countless lives ruined from this vaccine, to put a stop to worse to come and to get to word out that, like in India, we can end this pandemic with simple treatments.

Join the Resistance Chicks with Scott Kesterson as we talk about this and so much more- buckle up, this is NOT a show you can afford to miss!

You can watch the reply now on Clouthub, Dlive & JoshWhoTV- then Brighteon, BitChute, Rumble and Frankspeech late tonight!


CloutHub NOW has LIVE CHAT!!!!: Channel 1620



The Piteba Oil Press Scott mentioned.




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Sarah Joyce
Sarah Joyce
2 years ago

Wonderful interview/conversation, thank you and God Bless you all!

Norbert Helms
Norbert Helms
2 years ago

You are clearly whack jobs listening to other whack jobs to get your information. You are seriously misinformed and the only thing protecting this ridiculous and plain wrong website from being taken down is the first Amendment. Please, do share your political science and medical education. We’ll wait.

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