Revelation Redpill EP 44

Separation of Church and State

Join us WEDNESDAY 1/17/2024
8:00 PM ET
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“Separation of Church and State”, we have all heard this phrase. Most pastors today are afraid to weigh in on current events or political leaders for fear of offending those in their congregation, but this wasn’t always the case. Thomas Jefferson is credited with making the phrase go viral, yet this phrase was already in play for hundreds of years when old Tom addressed Danbury Baptist Church. Christians had fought long and hard to keep the government out of the church but fought equally as hard to make sure religion was part of the government. This goes back to ancient Israel, where some kings, such as Saul, tried to take on the duties of a priest, and God was not happy. Yet, God always had His prophets and priests advising and often leading the government. Everything is political… and everything is religious. If Christians are to reign as kings and priests, what does that look like, especially concerning current events? Let’s do a deep dive and see how the Bible relates to current political happenings of today.

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