Trust No One! Not Even Yourself Under Spells, You Are Trusting The Wrong Voices

Trust No One! Not Even Yourself Under Spells, You Are Trusting The Wrong Voices
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Jesus told me our teacher is William Penn. William Penn keeps us safe.
George Washington keeps us safe.
Charles meaning “Freemen” Keeps us safe.
Brotherly Love. Philadelphia, Jesus is King, believe he told all men to
repent, live by the words of Jesus, Love God love your neighbor.
Make sure your neighbor has been set free from spells, and witchcraft. Can hear the voice of Jesus, the voice of Their Creator, Father, the Voice of the Holy Spirit
So every word you hear and speak is the Truth, From the Spirit of Truth. To spread the gospel, good news,
You are freemen, Almighty God set you free from lying voices to hear the voices of the inspired word of God
The absolute truth is not diluted by the sins of other men or the spells of witchcraft they are under. William Penn is that teacher. Each person is responsible before God to trust no man but to trust God alone.


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