Ohio Brett’s Tour w/ Special Guest Couy Griffin of Cowboys For Trump

What happens when an explosion of powerhouse Christians get together? They shake heaven and earth! Ohio Brett brought together Couy Griffin of Cowboys for Trump, Attorney Micheal Hamilton and the Resistance Chicks- video below!

Brett Bohl, aka Ohio Brett, is in full time ministry with a big vision. Brett plans to visit all 50 states in one year- meeting in homes, churches, country clubs or town halls to gather patriots together in a “team players only,” setting to encourage, recruit, and fund Team Jesus! Along his journey he is teaming up with patriots from across the country for Holy Spirit led meetings. So far Brett has made it to 22 states and his organization, TheChristianRevolution.net, with the amazing Coach Dave, has raised over $300,000 to fund “good,” including grants for covid treating doctors and attorney’s fighting lockdowns, mandates and medical murder.

Who is funding Good?

Who is supporting physicians, nurses and the very few others who are risking everything to speak out against this global government tyranny?

Who is providing options for prevention and early treatment of this viral outbreak and true wellness options for overall health?

Who is standing in the gap for God’s children and their right to obtain an education without being forced to wear an ineffective, torturous mask?

Who is leading the charge against employers who are forcing their workers to be injected with an experimental drug to earn a living and provide for their family?

Who is fighting to reopen our places of worship, and teaching what the Word of God says about FEAR NOT?

Like many others, we are tired of waiting for “someone” to do the work. After much thought and prayer, TheChristianRevolution.net was born.”

Michelle and I were so glad to team up with Brett and Cornerstone Attorney Michael Hamilton for this special event. Michael told us of several moving cases that he is working on. Cases that are open and shut of medical tyranny and malpractice. He’s teamed up with some of the greats in this fight including fellow Ohio, Tom Renz! Michael is not your average attorney, unless most attorney’s grew up without television, reading college level books for fun. Michael has an outward calm demeaner but when he speaks you can tell there is a lion of a man inside. Most of us don’t have a very good view of lawyers, for good reasons, but I can tell you that if you are ever in need of a fighter in your corner in the justice system, Michael Hamilton is your guy.

Kasondra Watkins has become an incredible, dear friend who we met up with at some of the patriot events we have been able to attend of this past year. She is a bit of a travelling minister, who has given this season of her life over to pouring the power of God into patriots and covering them in prayer. In her travels she makes a lot of connections. Awhile back she told us of a cowboy who travelled the United States and then Europe on horseback preaching the Gospel of Jesus. His name is Couy Griffin. Couy is a very unique personality whose exuberance for life and passion for Jesus oozes from his pours. Couy not only travelled the United States and Europe by horseback but he was called to go all the way to Israel where he leased a horse and road through town planting seeds.
Couy was a pastor for 5 yrs and then felt the call to enter into government. He ran for County Commissioner in a New Mexico border town and won by a landslide. He saw first hand the need for Donald Trump’s hard-line on illegal immigration. To support Trump he got some horse riders together and they road the C&O Canal into Washington DC, this group became known as Cowboys For Trump. This got the attention of President Trump who he has had the privileges of meeting and speaking to on several occasions.

In order to support our president and peacefully protest an election filled with fraud, Couy joined hundreds of thousands of law abiding citizens in Washington DC on that fateful day that will go down in infamy. January 6th, 2021. Couy was one of the attendees who got raided by the FBI and subsequently sent into what can rightfully be called, a torture jail. He was locked in solitary confinement for 9 days without a shower or the ability to use the phone. When he was finally allowed out it was for only 1 hr a day and with one other prisoner. Everyone needs to hear what is happening to the J6 political prisoners. Judges are handing down extremely harsh sentences, if the protestors get a trial at all. (you can read about some of the hypocrisy in treatment here. One J6 attendee, Jake Lang, will not see a trial until January of 2023

Couy Griffin with Red at God’s Little Acre

You are not going to want to miss Couy’s entire presentation, if that’s what you want to call it. Thanks to Ohio Brett, our meeting was more like friends talking, friends praying, friends going before God to solve the problems this world faces and encourage one another to keep up the good fight. We want to encourage everyone who is able to GIVE to Couy’s GiveSendGo to help fund him in this fight for liberty! You can also follow Couy on Twitter here.

I want to thank everyone to make it out to the House of Restoration and a special thanks to pastors Brian and Andrea Shuttleworth for opening up their church to us. It was an incredible evening!

Special shoutout to Red. I hope you had a wonderful time staying in our backyard!




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