Ohio Patriot Senate Candidate: Mark Pukita!

Mark Pukita is the outsider candidate in Ohio’s sought after senate seat race. The coveted seat was vacated by Sen Rob Portman. In a crowded field of candidates all competing for endorsements from the likes of Ted Cruz and Trump himself, word on the street tells me there is a much different endorsement the Ohio State alum and IT business owner is looking for…the endorsement of the people.

Mark Pukita says he is a 100% Constitutional Conservative and is running on his BIG-7 Disrupt Agenda, which focuses on “the biggest issues on which he commits to making a real change, no more empty promises from Washington insiders.”

Mark’s Promises

  • We’re the greatest country on Earth. Forces of evil are destroying America. I can’t let that happen.
  • I’ve lived the American dream. My grandchildren and yours won’t have that opportunity if we don’t turn this country around.
  • I will speak for people afraid they’ll be canceled, their kids will be bullied, or they’ll lose their jobs if they speak out.
  • I want to fix our broken America. With your help, we can do it.

    Join Michelle and I as we dive deep into the cease pool of Ohio politics and see if Mark has some answers on how we can make Ohio truly the heartland of America


People are trying to steal the future from future generations and I will not let that stand.
~ Mark Pukita

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