BREAKING: Vindman FIRED! Coronavirus, Trump Acquitted, Nancy Rips Papers, HUGE WEEK of NEWS 2-7-2020

With Brexit and the Senate voting NOT to call witnesses kicking off on the 31st, followed by the Superbowl stript*ase by J-Lo and Shakira on Sunday it’s been a non-stop week of massive news! On the 4th we heard Trump’s historic State of the Union Speech with Nancy Pelosi ripping up the speech, on the 5th the Senate voted to Acquit and Congressman Matt Gaetz moves to have Pelosi censured for her misconduct, on the 6th Trump gave two inspirational speeches, one at the National Prayer Breakfast and the other praising those who have fought for him finishing up today with Alexander Vindman, key impeachment witness from Ukraine FIRED! Shew, I’m exhausted! But what a week of WINNING!!!
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