Full Show Trump’s Historic Prayer Breakfast, Acquittal Victory Speeches 2 6 2020

With back to back speeches this morning, President Trump took the opportunity to stand for faith in our nation and to call out evil where it has become so obvious in our nation. President Trump’s speech at the National Prayer breakfast this morning is all you need to know about his faith, his defense of Christianity, the sanctity of life, and love for our country is unprecedented. We haven’t had a stronger defender of Christians, prayer allowed in schools, patriotism and unborn babies since those things started coming under attack in this nation. Praise God The Founding Fathers did everything according to the Bible. Everyone in the 1700’s, 1800’s did everything from the Bible. According to the teachings, wisdom, laws, rules right out of the Bible. The Declaration of Independence is straight from the Bible, from John Locke’s Second Treaties of Government, a discourse of Kings rights and limitations according to God, the Bible. The Constitution is straight from the Bible. Jesus said “Wait” in Jerusalem until you “receive power from God” to be witnesses of Jesus Christ! Only God can uphold the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Those who have received the power of God. Power and authority from God to witness Jesus Christ death,resurrection the forgiveness of sins for healing. Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are “The good news of Jesus Christ.” No one can separate Jesus Christ from these documents. Men used their Faith in God’s power of his Spirit to be witnesses of Jesus Christ by writing these Declarations and laws The Point is: that God himself liberated all men when he paid the price for their sins on the cross. When he had been buried 3 days he came back to life now all men must repent! Be born again by the Spirit of God, born of God as Saint, no longer sinners and obey voice of God only. All laws come from God not men! Repent, turn to God ask God to forgive you sins, turn your back on the World and the ways of the world. Love and worship God only. Trust God to lead and guide you. Now preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ which is the solemn vow before God to uphold the Constitution with the power of the Holy Spirit telling every American citizen to repent stop sinning ask God to forgive you of your sins, make amends for what you have done wrong and do the right thing! 🙏🙏🙏🙏⛪⛪⛪⛪✝✝✝👼👼👼👼✝✝✝😃😃😲😲😮😮

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