Virtual Red Carpet Rally

8/14/2023 8:00pm EST

Matt & Joy Thayer join Resistance Chicks to talk about their upcoming HUGE Virtual Red Carpet Rally August 27th, 2023: Live in person & virtually from Worre Studios in Las Vegas!

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From Joy and Matt:

Show your support for the greatest President of all time and join LARA TRUMP,  GENERAL FLYNN,  DEVIN NUNES, THE FLYOVER CONSERVATIVES  (and A VERY SPECIAL GUEST) for a once in a lifetime VIRTUAL RALLY! 

This exclusive virtual and in-person red carpet rally is one you will not want to miss. The event will broadcast from a 360-degree LED interactive screen system and will take your streaming experience to a whole new level. 

If you have already seen THE TRUMP I KNOW, you are one of the rare few. Even so, you’ve NEVER SEEN IT PRESENTED IN A VIRTUAL RALLY LIKE THIS. In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to view never-before-seen footage from the film’s archives. 

The Trump I Know … doesn’t take money from China. The Trump I Know … has a respectable family. The Trump I Know … made America energy independent. The Trump I Know … supports women’s sports. The Trump I Know … is Pro-Life. The Trump I Know … would secure our border and end the conflict in Ukraine… America would not be in the mess it is in today if  The Trump We Know was in office.

Yet to this day, President Trump continues to be persecuted, smeared, and maliciously defamed like few others in history.  In 2020, our film crew set out to make a documentary that told the other side of his story. But when it came time to release THE TRUMP I KNOW in the midst of the 2020 presidential election, Big Tech did everything within their power to keep it from being seen. Sadly many people have never even heard about the film due to the extreme censorship agenda.

So, this time we are going around the media gatekeepers and coming straight to you. 

Filmmakers and husband and wife team, Matt and Joy Thayer are creators of The Trump I KnowThe Re:Awakening Docuseries and have worked on a host of films such as Unplanned and many more. Their show, Spero Pictures Podcast takes on issues, great and small, facing society right now, with interviews from all your favorites in the truth movement- they will keep you on the edge of your seat, popcorn in hand! Follow them on Locals, Facebook, Gettr & Rumble!

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