Updates: Pastor Artur, People’s Convoy & Ukraine/Russia 3/4/2022

This week has seen a lot of misinformation with the Ukraine and Russian conflict- today- we break down those lies and get to the truth of what is really going on!!!

Join us tonight, March 4th, 2022 at 6:00 AND 7:00 PM ET
LIVE on the platforms below!

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LIVE 6:00 PM ET BrighteonTV Show





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Cj Broussard
Cj Broussard
2 years ago

I watch your show on Brighteon.tv and you mention continuing your show on this site, but I cannot find where to watch??

Steve Webster
Steve Webster
2 years ago
Reply to  Cj Broussard

You might have to reload your browser tab for it to show but there is a thumbnail link/window that looks like the add for this video above and it will say LIVE Rumble with Chat'. If you click that it will load and play the show right there. Also there are usually more platform options like Bitchute, Clouthub, and maybe one or two others appearing there as well. Right now I just see the Brighteon TV one, which may work but I usually use the Rumble one. Anyway if you click on the fullscreen option it will usually load up a new tab with Rumble playing in that. They are on almost every platform there is but only a few will have these links here, so if you have a favorite you don't see listed here maybe just search that platform forResistance Chicks’. BTW, I don’t work for them I’m just a fan I guess you could say. Hope that helps.

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