The Void Evil Men Are Skeletons, Empty Vessel, Black Darkness Inside

Read A Long Bog:
Clip Steve Turley, Joe Rogan, Jordan Peterson, Jesus death on the Cross, JORDAN PETERSON TEACHES JOE ROGAN ABOUT THE CROSS!
Clip from Arcadia Economics: Rafi Farber gives some interesting highlights how with the Trucks we can End Tyranny using sound money.
Protest World Wide Canada, USA, Australia, France
Pfizer CEO and other leaders heading the vaccines are be consider heros. Many of them, their personal religion is Jewish. The Set Up here is soon anti-vaxers will be called anti sematic. Just heads up! Be prepared mentally with facts to defend America and the World from Genocide.
Word from the Lord: Evil men are skeletons, empty vessel, darkness inside. “The Void” is a star Trek metaphor. Their bones are empty, hollow.
Meaning their words are hollow, without substance, void of light, full of darkness. Words from God, The Holy Spirit brings God’s words to our thoughts, pure, Holy, are Full of Life, Out of our belly, heart are words Full of Life. Great Great Grandfathers came to Ohio at the Unction of the Holy Spirit.
Puritans Great Awakening Part 1 PURITAN: ALL OF LIFE TO THE GLORY OF GOD
Get a Horse! Gas runs Out.
Preppers medicine. Get some Ginger ✅ put it is a pot of dirt grows up to 5 feet tall.
The Real BPEarthWatch:

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