Dr. T. Kent Denmark: We’re Living In An Experiment

One thing I’ve learned over the past two years is that people can change. They can change A LOT. When we interviewed Steve Kirsch he and his whole family had taken the covid vaccine, even though he had been one of the biggest proponents of early treatment. Now he’s one of the loudest voices warning about vaccine injuries. When Michelle and I started our interview with pediatrician and medical journal review academic Dr. T. Kent Denmark, we were simply told he was a covid treating doc in Oklahoma. Sure, we read his extensive bio and knew that his journey from behind the medical establishment into the forays of covid treatment had to be an interesting story, but we had no idea the 180 degree awakening that had taken place in this brilliant physician.

Dr. Kent Denmark’s credentials are extensive, but beneath it all is a man who has always cared about patients. He’s not just a pediatric emergency physician, he’s a teacher. In layman’s terms, he founded a medical education center to teach doctors how to be better doctors, how to care, how to be empathetic, how not to lose their humanity. Dr. Denmark loves people with the love of Christ and sees each person as a unique individual and a special creation. Early on in the pandemic he began to question the prevailing narrative.

If this was the Spanish Flu, “where are all the dead bodies?” he wondered.

This interview goes down a few rabbit trails, but Dr. Denmark explains what is happening from a place of true understanding of what really happened in the medical field over the past two years and how we can get out of this mess. Having left his prestigious position as head of pediatric emergency medicine at an Oklahoma hospital, he thought his career in medicine was over. Then God called him back. Now he works with rapidcare.health.com taking care of those hit hard by covid who want to battle it out at home rather than get stuck on a ventilator and pumped with Remdesivir. While Dr. Denmark enjoys what he is doing, his message is clear:

“Early treatment stinking works. Just make it available!” -Dr. Kent Denmark

He admonishes everyone to get the FLCCC protocols on hand early, rather than after you’ve been hit with the bug. 

Who is Dr Kent Demark? Well, here’s is impressive Bio

Kent Denmark MD completed medical school, pediatric residency and pediatric emergency medicine fellowship training in southern California. A year after completing fellowship training, he took over the Pediatric Emergency Medicine fellowship at Loma Linda University, rewrote the curriculum and expanded the program over the next 7 years. Shortly after taking over the fellowship, he began training fellows with high fidelity medical simulators, then founded and built the campus-wide Medical Simulation Center which provided training for all 8 health care related programs on the university campus, including designing and building out the 8000 square foot hospital where the program resided. He attained the academic status of Professor in each of the departments of Emergency Medicine, Pediatrics, Basic Science and Medical Education. He directed the Center for Interprofessional Education for the university as well. He served on multiple regional and national committees, and was a member of the editorial board for Pediatric Emergency Medicine Practice and an Associate Editor for MedEdPORTAL, the education journal for the Association of American Medical Colleges for nearly a decade. He has 5 book chapters and 31 peer reviewed publications; has lectured and run workshops across the US, in Canada, Europe and South America. Most recently he was Chair, Medical Director and Quality Director for the Pediatric Emergency Center at Saint Francis Health System in Tulsa.

He has been awarded the top 10 best reviewer list for MedEdPORTAL, won the Faculty Graduate Education Award and been listed in Best Doctors in Town, Inland Empire Magazine in southern California. He is currently a Fellow in the American Academy of Pediatrics and a Fellow in the American College of Emergency Medicine. 

Dr. Denmark is passionate about the delivery of high quality patient care, patient (and patient family) education and promulgating correct information regarding COVID, masks, early treatment options and the mRNA injections. 

He and his wife of nearly 30 years live in Tulsa, OK. They have 4 adult children, 2 sons-in-law, a granddaughter and a dog. 

Dr. Denmark spent his career reviewing medical journals; he is able to dissect a paper. This put him in a unique position in understanding the underlying uses for early treatment and concerns with an experimental MRNA vaccine. He has spent thousands of hours reviewing medical papers, being a part of the medical establishment. He tells us medical review boards are designed to make sure that physicians don’t lose touch with their humanity or the dignity of the patient- at least that’s what they are supposed to do.

Dr. Denmark first began to question the pandemic hysteria in April and May of 2020; he looked around and wondered where all the dead bodies were. He says that when the swine flu hit, hospitals were truly overwhelmed with patients. With Covid, he did need to send some children with severe comorbidities to other hospitals- not because there weren’t any beds, but because the beds they did have were not staffed. Sure, they increased ventilation and took a few other good measures, but those with the power to make the changes that really needed to be made (such as staffing) were too impotent to make those changes. 

While Dr. Denmark decries the use of fear and mass formation psychosis, he is by no means a “covid denier.” He has experienced the worst form of covid first hand himself, having spent three days in the hospital with very low oxygen. Although his road to recovery might not be the way out for everyone- he had a godly family and church family who surrounded him with prayer which led to a swift and rapid oxygen saturation rise- he highly recommends getting the Frontline Critical Care protocols on hand early.
(We recommend www.drsyedhaider.com and www.sevencells.com to get treatment on hand before anyone in your family gets sick) Dr. Denmark is currently treating patients through RapidCare.Health.

Dr. Denmark has been encouraging state legislatures to end the lockdowns and allow physicians the ability to use repurposed drugs like ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, and fluvoxamine, as the way out of this mass hysteria we are living in.

“We are living in an experiment,” Dr Denmark remarked.

He says fear has such a negative effect on our body. So why aren’t doctors listening to treating doctors who have such great success rates?

“The culture of medicine in an elitist culture,” says Dr. Denmark. “Profits are at the core.” 

When it comes to masks, especially for children, Dr. Denmark is actually more concerned with the psychological trauma and speech development retardation that is occurring, than with the obvious medical issues such as MRSA, fungal and bacterial infections that are rampant. There is so much non-verbal communication that goes into childhood development, that many children missing out on that could have long lasting effects.

The biggest 180 in thinking that Dr. Denmark has had to experience involves the experimental MRNA experimental “vaccine”. Trained in the school of big pharma, Dr. Denmark praised vaccines as one of the essential saviors of mankind. He deftly explains what is behind Dr. Ryan Cole’s warning about the uptick of cancers and how our bodies are being tricked into letting down our natural immune responses for short term gain, with long term harm. 

After listening to Dr. Denmark for over an hour, you understand how his faith and relationship with the Creator has shaped the way he views this pandemic. When it comes to the church’s response to lockdowns and the virus, he says

“This has shaken the church in ways I don’t think anyone anticipated.” He quotes Hebrews 12:27 

“And these words, ‘yet once more,’ signifieth the removing of those things which can be shaken, such as things that are made, that those things which cannot be shaken may remain.”
When it comes to covid itself, Dr. Denmark says that there is some sort of spiritual, psychological weirdness in this virus made in a lab. Many people report becoming extremely depressed- to the point of not even wanting to do the things they need to live. Our own family, and many of our friends, experienced this as well. The church has definitely dropped the ball- but it will be Christians filled with the love and power of God that will turn this situation around. 

Dr. Kent now spends his days giving IV infusions and running a publishing company he and his wife just acquired called Yorkshire Publishing. His desire is to publish more works that can expand the kingdom of God in all fields. Something tells us that, even with his amazing years of experience and dedication to healing, that we are only just beginning to see what God has in store for using this incredible man of God, Kent Denmark, and we look forward to watching that unfold.

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