The Founding Fathers Were Christian Nationalists- Understanding the Historical Background of America

Christian Nationalism of the Founding Fathers- Understanding America’s Biblical, Legal & Educational Foundations

Algernon Sidney or Sydney was an English politician, republican political theorist and colonel. A member of the middle part of the Long Parliament. At the time of the American Revolution, Algernon Sidney (1623–1683) was the world’s most celebrated martyr for free speech.

Executed largely on the basis of the anti-royalist views he expressed in his Discourses Concerning Government, Sidney became a hero to the Whig opposition in England and to American critics of executive power. For the American founders, men like John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson, Sidney’s life represented resistance to tyranny just as his death dramatized the need for legal protection of individual conscience.

Most patriots are ready to legally take on the deep state but because they went through the public school education system they are fighting blindfolded with one hand behind their backs. Without a firm foundation knowing the thoughts and minds of the founders of this nation one cannot argue basic arguments before the courts based on the doctrine of Original intent. Originalism is a judicial concept asserting that all statements in the United States Constitution should be interpreted strictly according to how it would have been understood or was intended to be understood at the time it was adopted in 1787.

America is a Christian nation whose foundation is solely and completely based upon men and women living out the Word of God. The Bible was the most quoted book by the founding fathers but in the early 1900’s secularists hijacked the American school system, with the express goal of rewriting American history to take all mention of God and His Divine hand of Providence out of the curriculum. Because 80% of Christians send their children to public schools we are woefully undereducated and lose many court cases because we do not know how to stand on the same principles that guided the great minds that created this nation’s founding documents.

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