STRIKE ONE: Youtube Comes After Resistance Chicks Again!

So apparently, deleting an awesome channel, with 10 years of amazing videos wasn’t enough for Youtube when they deleted our Masfaith3 channel… Now they’re coming after our smaller channel: Resistance Chicks

Hilariously, the video of ours they banned? Chuck Schumer’s flub of claiming Trump incited the “erection”… I have to admit I laughed when I saw which video they decided to flag and BLOCK. They claimed it was “Content glorifying or inciting acts of violence” which falls under the category of harassment and cyber bullying.

I appealed the decision, stating that, of course, this had to be an error because we always condemn acts of violence of all sorts, this video being no exception. I couldn’t however, pass up the opportunity to have a little fun by adding at the end of our appeal, “On a lighter note, to whoever is reading this, can you honestly say that you didn’t laugh at Chuck Schumer’s flub, even a little…? 😉 ”

These big tech giants will never lighten up, but if by some chance our content and it’s appeal reaches a human being, perhaps humor will break their stone exterior.

In the mean time, what does this mean for Resistance Chicks!? Well, for starters, our first strike on this channel means that we can’t live stream, upload videos or post in the community for one week. In the past, when this happened to our Masfaith3 channel, we just switched over to Resistance Chicks, we won’t be able to do that this time. We will continue to live stream on the platforms below and upload the show to our regular platforms such as Rumble, Bitchute etc… including Patriot Gallery’s Youtube channel (link below). After the week is up however, we are heavily considering walking away from Youtube altogether and to just leave that channel so the videos there might have a chance of staying up.

We’ll see you tomorrow at 1pm EST for our weekly program of TOP News stories from around the world! We’re not backing down, we will NEVER back down and our fight has just begun! Don’t ring the bell and be excited, the BEST IS YET TO COME!

Also, we will be less censored in what we can cover, including Mike Lindell’s “Absolute Proof”! WOO HOO!

Link to our channel for LIVE STREAMING on DLIVE:




Link to Patriot Gallery’s Youtube Channel where we will upload videos:

Complete List of Contact info updated 2.6.2021

Below…. the video SO BAD Youtube had to TAKE IT DOWN!!!!

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James D Stone
3 years ago

These clowns want to accuse you of cyber bulling and harassment? Well that’s rich and as far as I can see they are the bullies for coming at yall this way. I guess the cowards feel so threatened by what you post that they must be losing sleep over it. I look forward to the day when they are no longer able to hassle decent people like yall period.

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