Only A Shepherd of Cows

Sleep does not come easy on a night when your dear friends are mourning a loss deeper than many of us will ever know. Tonight, Leah, Kansas and I attended an Old Order Mennonite “viewing” for our friend Scott who was taken too early from this life in a buggy/car accident this week. Although I know and love this family, and have experienced life with them on more than one occasion, tonight was different. I feel like I stepped back in time. The viewing took place right in their kitchen, surrounded by dozens in their community sitting in as many seats as they could pack in their two front rooms. The lanterns burned, and the community sang hymns in low, deep tones that reminded me in some ways of old spirituals. Hymns that seemed to wash the room with love and support like no other thing could. I felt God in that place, I felt community, the love of Jesus, a respect for a way of life we’re desperately lacking. And yet, the family and the community opened their hearts to each one of us “English” (as they lovingly call those of us who live the modern life) who came through the line to hug, pray, cry, and hold hands with our dear herd share family, and pay our respect to the man who always signed his letters, “only a shepherd of cows”. Our mennonite family provides nutritious food, 5 days a week, to 150 families- Scott knew each of us by name. He truly was an extraordinary man, with an extraordinary family and community. Tonight, while mourning with this incredible family, I felt blessed beyond measure that they should allow us in to do so. I will never be the same for knowing Scott and his family and I will never be the same for this experience tonight. Please keep them in your prayers and share the GoFundMe link below.

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