The Moment of Truth Summit/Selection Code Premiere

Springfield MO, August 20,21, 2022

Watch the entire TWO Days 9 AM-9PM CT:

We went last year at this same time to Bards Fest 2021

Last year at least 30 people were severely attacked with a bioweapon.
Bards Fest was in St. Louis MO.

Mike Lindell’s is in Springfield MO.
Return this weekend to St. Lois Missouri 1 year later, same weekend. Pray for our safety and protection, last year ***Bards Fest*** Go to for 13 new videos. 2003 we bicycled the Katy Trail in Missouri.
Leah and Michelle’s hotel is on the Katy Trail in St. Louis. Katy Trail. I could not remember the name of the trail, I went and reread the Word from God It was Bring in the New Year! The day Before we took Authority over those murdering everyone. We the people with God, lead by his spirit, stopped the bad guys made them cease and desist. The next day is Bring in the New Year. Making Jesus King in the hearts and minds of the people.. Like Dr. Eric Depute said. We are smashing fear. The opposite of fear is Faith in God. This time people every where will be taking their vitamin “W”. Vitamin W Word of God.
Katy Trail, MO 2003. We Bicycle camping a long the was with Saddle Bags for 3,000 miles From Tulsa OK, To Cincinnati, OH, to DC, to Ft. Myers FL
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