Revelation Redpill EP 39

How to Talk to Your Family & Friends Who Believe We In The End Times

Join us WEDNESDAY 12/13/2023
8:00 PM ET
LIVE on the platforms below!

Good News! You have been set free from the End Times Madness and no longer read the Book of Revelation with a newspaper in one hand trying to fit current events into Biblical prophesies. You want to tell everyone you know that Jesus came, set up His Kingdom and we reign as kings and priests. However, you probably have faced some pushback from family and friends who are still looking for the Antichrist and every time there is another headline of war are ready to be raptured out of here. They may even call you crazy or say you are a heretic. Tonight we will go over some of the most Biblically sound reasons to have hope for the future and get to work building God’s kingdom here on earth.


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