Revelation Redpill Ep 35

SHOCKING! Hidden Mysteries In the Bible
with Pastor Brad Cummings

Join us WEDNESDAY 11/8/2023
8:00 PM ET
LIVE on the platforms below!

Tune in for an extraordinary episode of Revelation Redpill. Resistance Chicks are joined once again by the biblical and historical powerhouse, Pastor Brad Cummings of the Founders Bible! These will be some of the most exciting hours you’ll watch this week! Brad manages to shock Leah and Michelle on multiple fronts, including in the story of Noah! Be prepared to have all of your paradigms shifted!

Get ready for the MOST explosive series you’ve ever watched about the Last Days! Get ready to have everything you thought you knew brought into clarity! What did Christ say about his kingdom? Jesus said all power and authority had already been given to him and we are to go and preach the Gospel. If Christians reign as priests now, why would anyone roll over and let evil take over? Many of the problems we see today are not a result of prophesy, but believers abdicating their God-given authority in Christ. If we are going to combat the plans of the enemy we need to know who we are in Christ and what has already been accomplished to bring God’s kingdom on earth.

Join us for our weekly broadcast with amazing guests as we dial in on how to turn this ship around with power of God that has already been granted us. Come and learn your position in the Body of Christ and get rid of toxic blue pill defeatist false theology that has made the Church powerless and impotent. Christ’s bride should be ruling and reigning with Him. This is a series you will want to watch over and over and share with all your family and friends! Don’t miss it!

CLICK HERE to watch our last interview with Brad Cummings

About Brad:

A former pastor for 20 years, Brad is the CEO of Shiloh Road Publishers, the publisher and General Editor of The Founders’ Bible. He also co-authored and published the #1 NY Times bestseller, The Shack, which has sold over 22 million copies, was translated into 40+ different languages, selling the 1st million units out of his garage on $200 of marketing. The Shack was the first ever self-published title to debut on the New York Times Bestseller list at #1, where it stayed as such for over 172 weeks, 52 weeks at #1. He also produced “The Shack” movie (released by Lionsgate 2017) which grossed over $100M worldwide. They are currently turning The Shack into a TV Series. He has co-authored several other books: The Butterfly Circus and A Man Like No Other – the illustrated life of Jesus, and is working on a trilogy of novels entitled “The King and the Dragon.” Brad is an author, screenwriter, film producer, publisher, editor, conference speaker. As a pastor to pastors, he continues to preach and teach, spending a lot of his time mentoring emerging leaders, serving as a primary counselor/advisor to a number of the leading voices within the Health Freedom Movement. He did his undergraduate work in Film/TV Broadcasting at Pepperdine University (Malibu, CA) and received his Master of Divinity from Fuller Theological Seminary (Pasadena, CA). He and his lovely wife, Kelly, have 3 grown children, and are enjoying being young grandparents. They live in Southern California.


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Helen J Krouse
Helen J Krouse
7 months ago

Just reading the about section about this. I saw that movie. Was very disappointed.
Not the way I or anyone I know would precieve the Holy Trinity that way. Disappointing.

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