Brad Cummings: The Founder’s Bible- Interview

Brad Cummings wears a LOT of hats, Publisher, Author, Producer, Pastor, Husband, Father and now: Historian. He’s most well known for being the co-author and publisher of the NYT best selling Christian novel The Shack which has sold 22 million copies, as well as producer of the film based on the novel.

Brad says that at 6 years old he knew Jesus as a friend, and since then “the heartbeat inside of me has been about a single friendship with God”. That friendship lead him to plant a church in Malibu, which he refers to as the devils den- but where 3,000 people got saved. He said that people would talk in off of the streets and the powerful manifest presence of God would hit them during worship and tears would fall down their faces. After worship, Pastor Cummings would then introduce them to the man they had just had an encounter with: Jesus Christ. Cummings says “

“I don’t want to peddle a dogma,
I want to introduce you to a guy that is amazing.”

Once Brad began to find out about the truth of our founding fathers, and in Brad’s words: “These dudes were passionately devoted to God,” the Lord spoke to him and said, “I want you to tell the stories that you’re learning“.

Brad sought out the premiere constitutional expert in our country, David Barton of Wallbuilders, to put together a Bible that told the stories of our founding and forefathers. And even though Barton had been approached by countless publishers in the past, he said yes to Brad. This led to 8 months of 20 hour days, and as Brad told Barton, a “Geneva Bible for our generation”: The Founder’s Bible.

He spoke often of the two “least religious” of our founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin who were themselves great proponents of Christianity and the Bible itself. Franklin came up with a system on how to live a sinless life, which would be a “blessed life,” and called for prayer in the Continental Congress. For his part, Jefferson put together a book of the life and moral teachings of Christ and gave it to every member of Congress. “If those are the least religious, give me more of them,” Cummings opinioned.

Even the Declaration of Independence has a Biblical ring to it with the word “happiness,” in the line “right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” referring to a “Blessed life.” Brad reminded us that the founders didn’t live for the here and now, they did what they did for their posterity, generations after them, to reap the benefits of the liberty they fought for. Laws that were created by the founders were designed not to give rights, but to protect natural, God given rights.

Brad is constantly turning the focus back to God’s love and our love for him, encouraging everyone to simply listen to God for themselves and that in Hebrew the word shema is both the same word for “listen” as it for “obey.” When speaking of the turmoil around us, he says “none of this has taken God by surprise.”

When speaking of hard things like the vaccine Brad says, “Whatever is not faith is sin,” and “if you are not in a dialogue with God you are in sin.” The fruit of these conversations is the ability to step out and know that “if I’m with Him, I can walk forward and know that he is with me.” You get the sense that this guy knows what he’s talking about and that “the two words that will get you to the end of the story areyes, Lord.’ Brad hilariously adds “God I don’t care if I’m stupid, help me not to be stupid.

He leaves us with loads of hope. “God is not going to abandon us. One person and God are a majority,” and he reminds us that there are many many more of us out there who are willing to take that plunge, to walk by faith, to listen AND obey, and to simply love God and his Word.


Everyone should get a copy of the Founder’s Bible. Let it light the fire of liberty inside of you, your loved ones, and your nation. As Brad says “God isn’t done with us yet, God is a FINISHER” so let’s brush up on what our founder’s knew that led them to create the most amazing country in the history of the world.

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