Revelation Redpill Ep 25

Margaret Sanger, Eugenics, & Population Control

Join us WEDNESDAY 8/16/2023
8:00 PM ET
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Buckle up for what is likely to be the most controversial Revelation Red Pill episode yet!

What do birth control, eugenics, sterilization, and abortion all have in common? They are all about population control. God never told his people to limit births. In fact, one of the blessings of Abraham was that he would be father to children that would number the stars in the Heavens. The turn of the century saw an upheaval in American churches with a split between progressives and conservatives. The Progressives sought to usher in utopia through very dark, satanic means that lead to death. Are Conservative Christians making packs with the devil and Moloch in order to be wealthy? Are the lies of Planned Parenthood’s founder Margaret Sanger and eugenicists alive and well in the church? What did the early church teach about children and the purpose of marriage? If, like the rapture theory, Christians are believing in something that is less than 100 yrs old, wouldn’t you like to know where this belief came from? Let’s find out. You will not be the same after you watch this episode. God wants to unlock blessings you could not imagine!

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