Revelation Red Pill EP 28

POWERFUL Special Episode! Healing, Deliverance, & Freedom From Sexual Trauma & Addiction

With Special Guests Dr. Jason Heydinger, John & Stacey Barnes and Samantha Lendall

Join us WEDNESDAY 9/6/2023
8:00 PM ET
LIVE on the platforms below!

Join us for a special Revelation Red Pill night of testimonies of freedom, prayer, and healing. The past 3 weeks we have taken a deep dive into the moral downfall of America perpetuated by a defeated Church that saw current cultural events and shifts towards evil as a sign Jesus was coming back to rapture them out of this world. Margaret Sanger, Eugenics, Population Control, and the sexual revolution brought in by Alfred Kinsey and the sexualization of children left in his wake have produced 3 generations of broken people in need of healing from childhood trauma and deliverance from sin and addiction they were unwittingly participating in. If you or a loved one has been a victim of abuse or you are currently in a cycle of addiction you can’t seem to break free from, this evening is for you!

Tonight we are joined by the Resistance Chicks Healing Ministry Team!

Dr. Rev. Dad Jason Heydinger D.C

Dr. Jason is married to his beautiful wife Cassie and they have 3 amazing kids; Bryce, Grant and Lily. Jason is a Doctor of Chiropractic as well as a minister of the Gospel. He loves combining the power of the Gospel and his knowledge of the body to help people manifest the Kingdom of God in their life: Body, Soul and Spirit!! Jason and his son Bryce have recently launced Kingdom Healing Community which has been years in the making. “The journey the Lord has taken us on to get here has been nothing short of amazing. We are now the path of getting back to God’s original design. From Jason on health, wellness and chiropractic, Cassie on family, education and birthing, Bryce on media and worship, Grant on character, integrity and teaching TaeKwonDo and Lily bringing laughter and joy to us all. We are looking forward to the day when we have land and aren’t reliant on the world systems.”

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John & Stacey Barnes

John Barnes, married to his incredible wife Stacey of 37 years, is the father of 4 grown children and “Papa” to 7 grandchildren. As a contractor & business owner he has been doing finish carpentry for over 40 years. Through this work, he has been advancing the Kingdom one job site at a time. John has trained up his two sons as professional carpenters (and both of his daughters as occasional professional carpenters) with his unique gift of patiently teaching while infusing work with the joy of the Lord.

In his off time, John works alongside his family on his eldest daughter’s farm in New Hampshire. During the winter he & Stacey travel South praying over schools and our beautiful country as they go. Both John and Stacey were ordained in early 2023 as ministers by Resistance Chicks/Isaiah 58 Ministries and look forward to what God will use them for in their new official capacity.

John has a heart for the Lord and lives to serve; you’ll recognize John by his purposeful stride, Christian tee, and big smile as he works behind the scenes to ensure things go off without a hitch.

Samantha Lendall

Samantha is your average spirit-filled millennial mama casually balancing being a wife & mom to 8 while working full-time from home & homeschooling preschoolers. She has a passion for helping other moms through the challenges of raising kings and priests through coaching and prayer! Samantha joined the Resistance Chicks/Isaiah 58 Ministries Healing Team in 2023.

Kinsey Documentary Mentioned in Show: The Kinsey Syndrome- FULL Documentary

Mind Pollutors Documentary: Click Here

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