El Salvador Transformation

Jordan Peterson Forced Into Re-Education Camp
El Salvador’s Radical Conservative Transformation

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1:50 PM EST
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Weekly World News Report– 4 Years Ago El Salvador was one of the world’s most dangerous countries. MS-13 gangs terrorized citizens and corrupt politicians were on the take. Well, there is a new sheriff in town. Bold new President, Nayib Bukele, took the reigns and has made a clean sweep of gang members, politicians, and corruption.
Lots of developments on the freedom front in Canada; here is the good, the bad, and the ugly.
The Good- Chris Scott, Whistle Stop Cafe owner who kept his burger joint open during the lockdowns, has all charges acquitted from allegedly breaching public health orders.
The Bad– Dr. Jordan Peterson has been forced into reprogramming camp by the Canadian courts for having a voice of his own.
The Ugly– Breaking news from Pastor Artur Pawlowski! Steven Johnston, the crown prosecutor from the special prosecutor’s unit in the province of Alberta just communicated that he seeks to imprison Pastor Artur Pawlowski for a very long time.

On the crazed climate front, Geologist, Prof. Ian Plimer: “No one has ever shown that human emissions of carbon dioxide drive global warming… You would have to show that the 97% of emissions which are natural, do not drive global warming. Game over. We are dealing with a fraud.” Londoners continue to protest Sadiq Khan’s ULEZ cameras and driving taxes. GB News takes on the Church of England saying “The old dividing lines of Evangelical and Catholic will fall away, as orthodox Christians across denominations unite around defense of the Christian faith as it comes under assault from the so-called liberal progressives.” All of that and much more in this week’s TOP World News Stories!

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