Resistance Chicks Tell the Health Ranger How They Homesteaded on Just ONE Acre in a Suburb!

Check out Leah and I on Mike Adams, the Health Ranger’s Brighteon Conversations. We had a BLAST talking about the life changing Health and Freedom Conference, our homestead here in suburban Ohio, and told stories of pig and chicken butchering! Mike said it was the most interesting first 5 minutes of an interview he’d ever done… but I’m not sure anyone else normally dives right in to pig butchering in the first 5 minutes either.

Throughout the interview, the topic of GOD and his divine providence over this nation and everything that is going on right now kept coming up. After watching this interview, I promise you will feel more informed, more impowered and more optimistic than you have in a long time!

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Steve Webster
Steve Webster
3 years ago

The only thing I don’t completely agree with in all this is the idea of “needing” animal protein. I certainly still respect your, and everyone’s, right to harvest your own animals and the eating of meat in general. I just don’t think that it is essential for a healthy diet and I believe plant based proteins are healthier as I think humans are herbivores and not true omnivores. One thing is for certain though and that is home grown natural anything is way better for you than what is raised via the big, modern, industrialized, farming business of today. I’m not currently homesteading on my property only because I don’t plan on staying here any longer than necessary. I intend to move to a,,,,,, red-er state and plant roots for good there and shift to be completely off grid. I’m thinking of Montana or Idaho but if it keeps getting more expensive at this rate I may have to go to the Ozarks or something. You are so right about how we can do so much with so little land. It’s mostly the animals that need the space, grasses, etc.. I’ve seen very innovative gardens using very little space on an apt. balcony, for example, by going vertical more. I mostly come to your show for the current event coverage from a Christian perspective. I would like to hear more on your homesteading tips, lessons learned, and general advice. Thank you for also introducing me to Mike Adams. I had never heard of him or Bighteon until I found you.

Jenny Bear
3 years ago

I first saw you two live(on video) at the recent freedom conference. So when your interview with Mike popped up on my Brighteon email this morning I was interested to watch it. I LOVE you two! Two young ladies after my own heart: Weston A Price, living naturally, mini-homesteading (I have yet to convince my hubby of this).
When I heard Mike introduce you as living in the Cincinnati, Ohio area, I got so excited! I live just an hour north of you!
I love your hearts for God and faith that He is working something in the hearts of his people in the USA (and the world) and your comments about those of us trying to live naturally and provide our own food, permaculture, raise happy healthy livestock, etc, we ARE the true tree-huggers! (God did tell Adam and Eve to manage and have dominion over this earth)

I would LOVe to chat with you over the phone or even get together sometime to talk homesteading.

God is using you both in a major way! You are an encouragement and inspiration!
Thank you for being available for His call and purpose for your lives!

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