The Great Reset Vs God’s Great Reformation, How to Reclaim Our Inheritance! 5/7/2021

This is a Resistance Chicks special, one for our conservative friends to share with their liberal and left leaning family and friends. Maybe you’ve heard of the Green New Deal…a 3 Trillion dollar masterpiece promising to fix all the world’s problems- with new technology that hasn’t been invented yet. The last time there was a great technological shift we were promised clean air, clean streets, utopia. Out with horses and buggies clogging the streets with manure and in with the clean energy car. Does that sound familiar? Drive through any major city during rush hour and you might find yourself at a stop or snail’s pace, much slower than the horses and buggies they replaced. Smog, pollution, dirt, grim… Those on the left, arguably the same ones who would have pushed forward the Great Reset of the 20th century from horses and farms to cars and urban sprawl, are telling us they have the answer MORE TECHNOLOGY! Yes, that’s the answer to all our problems, more technology. ” “You know horses are smarter than people. You never heard of a horse going broke betting on people.” — Will Rogers

One of our favorite farmers, Mark Baker, said something quite profound…”we reached a pinnacle in American society and we shot past that ” No, I’m not talking about getting rid of antibiotics, this goes far beyond what you could see or imagine on your own. The left is promoting a great reset, and in a way they aren’t wrong, there will be a great reset but it is going to be done by God. You are going to get your family’s inheritance back, you are going to start walking in a power and anointing like the first Christians, only worldwide. That means a great tectonic shift in the way we think, move, grow food as a society, and we don’t have to tax people to oblivion. You are living in a once in 1,000 yr shift. Get ready. We win because God won!

In fact, the rise and fall of the horse makes very clear the difficult and troubling character of energy transitions. The horse, one of the most remarkable prime movers on the planet, pretty much ruled 19th century urban life and rural culture in both Europe and North America. Then along came the combustion engine. But it took the automobile and tractor nearly 50 years to dislodge the horse from farms, public transport and wagon delivery systems throughout North America.

Contrary to public perception, the transition was not smooth or inevitable. Nor was it exclusively beneficial. “There were winners and losers,” says Ann Norton Greene, a U.S. historian at the University of Pennsylvania, whose remarkable book, Horses At Work, offers a fascinating portrait of how messy energy transitions can be. “You can’t change the conditions of a system without damaging a lot of people, business, practices and habits that go with it,” says Greene. “People lose not from some fault of their own, but because they are in the wrong place in history.” Although the automobile certainly eliminated piles of manure and dead animals that clogged some 19th century city streets, it introduced a whole new set of global carbon complications. It also helped to sever the city from rural life. Last but not least, it locked many urban dwellers into a new tyranny: own a cheap mobile energy slave or drop dead.”

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This is a Resistance Chicks special, one for our conservative friends to share with their liberal and left leaning…

Posted by Resistance Chicks on Friday, May 7, 2021




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