Part 2 Great Awakening is Great Reformation October 31th, 1517 2017, 500 years

read along: https://isaiah58ministries.blogspot.c… October 31st,2020 people can choose to be a puppet on Satan’s strings and worship Lucifer. Like Bush and Obama in I, Pet Goat II, Satan’s red fingers are pulling the strings of Bush, then Obama. opening Leads to child Abuse, ties to Eastern religions, China, ISIS. Obama’s caught, tear, Public schools, being destroyed. Apple for the teacher, turns into child abuse. deflowering the innocent. Very cold institution! Psalms 2 Stop at exactly 1:49 Or you can turn to God and Celebrate God’s salvation from that slavery! The Bible, The Word of God Jesus Christ. Reformation Day. Read more about it here. Salvation. “Work out your salvation” with Jesus. Until you have the mind of Jesus Christ. Whom ever you are around, the dominating person “Witchcraft”, rebellion to God. That will dominate your mind. Salvation in your soul means you think of Jesus 24/7/365 and Jesus, which is love and power, authority from God’s word” reigns/rules your mind. Simple. “If you are aware of this.” In each of us ***IS*** the “laws, principles of God, Christianity, The right way of doing things. New ERA has Arisen in 2020, An ERA of Freedom, Liberty, Life, Patriotism, Love for God, Family, Land and country. With that we are creating a new You-tube channel. ***Created By Divine Design*** Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness. Mankind has rights to live free independent lives. To own land, get married and obey God. We The People obey God by farming the land, multiplying and raising children with the knowledge of God our Father, Savior living within us. Making Mankind more than mere animals because their creator lives in them. Our “CREATOR” Speaking, communicating with us all day long. God, Jesus sharing his love, power and authority with us. God’s power and authority over ALL the elements of the earth. God in man helping him take good care of the earth. LAW AND ORDER: Convicting men of their sins, crimes so they humble themselves before God. Men must stop sinning, (committing crimes), turn to God and become Saints. In a free society all men must live right, and start doing the right thing. Living as good, clean minded men, Good citizens. Men must be honoring God’s power and authority in everyone’s life. There is only one law giver and that is God. Men should serve God and His laws only. All laws must submit to God’s laws. This Channel is a “How To”: Home school, Grow your own food, gardening,Natural Healing, Read the Bible, Understanding The Declaration of Independence, The laws of Nature and Natures God. Your Rights that come from God, Defending your rights. Understand Law and Justice in a Christian Nation.

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