End the Fed Bill OFFICIALLY Introduced

Biden Blows Hot Air & CNN Calls Him Out – Chris Cuomo Jab Injury

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Weekly News Report! Well, he’s done it. After years of attempting to get a bill on the House floor to #EndTheFed, Thomas Massie has finally introduced a bill that will put every Congressman on notice where they stand on fake #fiatmoney. In clown world, (and I’m here for it!) a cat fight broke out in Congress between #MTG,, #AOC, & another member, leading pundits to ask the question, “Did we just witness the Gettosburg Address?” Massive storms ripped through TX last night, leaving devastation in their wake. Tucker interviewed football great Aaron Roders, the economy is on life support, and Biden is still in the basement telling people to eat cake. How did the world’s #1 golfer end up arrested in Texas? All of that & much more in This Week’s Top News Stories!

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