Ohio’s Issue 1 Failure is NOT a Loss! HUGE Word From God!

Prophetic Word. A lot of Republicans became Rhinos. Republicans in name only. Judgement. God is sifting out the hearts of men before his judgement seat.

Vote Yes as if your soul Depended on it. The wrath of God is coming on the children of Satan.

The Glory of the Lord, Fire in his eyes. The people shall Rule. The Saints are rising. Washing the Bride clean, Fire of Wrath shall dry you out. Stay in the will of God. Much Much More!

Judgement of God.

The Communist Party told leftists to vote as if Lives depend on it. But it is their lives.

Inherited Weapons from God. Plant the Flag. Angel of death covering the ground as the Saints go marching in.

The sun of God shall shine on faces, the light shall dispel the darkness.

Brics Nation August 22, 2023

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Jim Dunn
Jim Dunn
6 months ago

Wow, that was powerful stuff. Keep up the fight!

Andrew Simon Been
Andrew Simon Been
6 months ago

Hey I watched thru Brighteon, now found your website.. Wow had a moment singing “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” all the way thru:) Jammed along with you on your cuttiest ever Jesus song at the added a bridge to it G, D, A, D Take God Care,
(Post lyrics of your cuttiest ever Jesus song)

Last edited 6 months ago by Andrew Simon Been
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