Month of Noah’s Ark Flood Jesus is the Door Cheshvan 5784

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There are no Holy Days this Month. A Month of entering into heavenly places of safety and security inside Jesus Christ. A Door, An Ark, a place of rest.
PG here Patriot Gallery Leah and Michelle’s Mom expounding on: Biblical Month of Cheshvan 5784 Chalkboard Teaching
IPointing out out each month each season is ordained by God. If you walk in the anointing, in the right path or calling you are safe. Bombs going over your head, missiles falling all around and you will be in the shadow of the Almighty, none of it will come near your dwelling. Only you will abound in the opposite setting people free, seeing healings, deliverance, blessing all around you with the life of God so they too are oblivious to the war waging around them.
Psalm 91 the whole chapter: 13 Thou shalt walk upon the lion and asp: the young lion, and the dragon shalt thou tread under feet. 14 Because he hath loved me, therefore will I deliver him: I will exalt him because he hath known my Name.
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