HUGE! Dr. Syed Haider: 4,000+ Covid Patients- 0 Deaths

Dr. Syed Haider, board certified in Internal Medicine, has been on the front lines treating acute covid-19 patients. His pinned tweet on his Twitter account with over 25,000 followers says that his experience using Ivermectin and Fluvoxamine has equaled over 4,000 patients RECOVERED- that means ZERO deaths. So why isn’t this front page news? Why are the powers that be so bent against treatments that actually WORK for patients and silencing doctors from telling their success stories? In this AMAZING interview with Dr. Syed, Leah and I were blown away by not only his success stories in treating countless acute Covid patients, but in just how awake he is to the corruption all around us! You don’t want to miss the interview that some have called our best one yet!

In the beginning of the pandemic, Dr. Haider was a hospitalist working 3 or 4 days a week and then he caught covid and lost his sense of taste and smell, he had anxiety and he couldn’t sleep so this put him in a unique position of knowing what it was like to catch covid and help others through it. Syed then moved to tele-medicine as the hospitals discontinued elective procedures, people were too afraid to go to medical facilities, and work dried up.

He began to take on patients via an online teledoc website. Dr. Haider has always been into alternative medicine and being in the mainstream is not in his nature. When he found the FLCCC protocols in the summer of 2020 he began prescribing this new covid medicine called Ivermectin. He would give people informed consent and because it was so new about 1 in 100 would try it. Later on he built his own website. / which now is open to people in 41 states. Dr. Syed didn’t shy away from controversial repurposed medicines that were showing efficacy in treating patients. Many people were scared away from taking hydroxychloroquine thanks to the main stream media painting it as “the devil’s drug.” At times he would have pharmacists yelling at him for prescribing repurposed drugs that a year before were show to be safe.

After being reported to the medical board in Texas by what he assumes was a pharmacist, Dr Haider’s team has assembled a list of pharmacies that will work with him in every state he prescribes. He’s even had pharmacists try to negotiate with him over the treatment of his patients. Dr Syed says that while overall he is grateful for pharmacists who can often catch things like drug interactions a doctor might miss, when it comes to covid many simply don’t want to read the studies. When it comes to ivermectin, he says it works in multiple avenues throughout the body, and that all drugs do that. The question is, does the benefit out way any side affects? Thankfully for coronavirus patients, ivermectin seems to have rather good side affects which all it to attack the virus and reduce inflammation.

After using ivermectin successfully, Dr. Haider was later introduced to another possible repurposed drug, fluvoxamine.  Fluvoxamine (Flv) is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor. Since covid creates a whole lot of excess serotonin, fluvoxamine works as an anti-inflammatory and stabilizes platelets, blocking the uptake of this excess serotonin.
Dr. Syed creates this one two punch combo team, especially when taking early- ivermectin and fluvoxamine, with his ever growing record of covid recovered and zero deaths. You can take a deep dive into fluvoxamine in our amazing interview with medical philanthropist and fluvox ambassador Steve Kirsch

When asked what his protocol is, Dr Syed Haider replied “I would use everything!” By everything he is referring to the monumental work by Dr. Pierre Kory and others who are constantly updating protocols on the FLCCC website He says before Delta people were doing fine, he had given out ivermectin prophylactically and his patients weren’t getting covid.
After Delta hit he was ten times busier. Dr Syed says that the only way to beat this thing is for everyone to have early treatment in their medicine cabinet. If Dr. Haider does not perscribe in your state, check out this list from the FLCCC website and stock up on the over the counter protocols like Vit C, Vit D3, Zinc, and Quercetin.

He gives some wise advice “keep your neck warm in the winter,” and “we need human connection, family time.” He recounted an interesting case study of a close knit Italian community that did everything wrong when it came to covid… They smoked, drank, never stopped getting together…Over half were at risk for heart disease and yet they went through the pandemic virtually unscathed, their immune systems were strong from the constant human contact.

He backed up this interesting anecdote by reminding us that Sweden never went into lockdown. They didn’t mask kids and they didn’t force mandates. Somehow Swedish teachers weren’t getting as sick. Kids not only make you happy and keep you young but act as a virus buffer, not spreader.

My personal favorite moment of the interview, as were were talking about all these deep topics and second guessing the right avenues to take, was this quote ” For people who have faith in God even somethings that appear to be bad can be for your good.” That moment right there is how we turn this thing around. We need to start seeing the glass as half full. Why are we here? What good can come of the plate we have been served? God is ever moving and he cares for us and wants good things for His children. We need to look for his hand in all things.

That is why Dr. Syed Haider is doing. He humbly won’t take any credit and gives praise to those who have pioneered early treatment, those like Dr. Bruce Patterson and those at the FLCCC for cracking covid codes, but I’m sure to those thousands he’s treated, he’s a hero in his own right. He says what keeps him positive and upbeat with a great sense of humor is that “everything happens for a reason.” While this is like going through a war, there is a silver lining.

Doctors have been taught that there are no treatments for viruses and a lot of people have woken up to the fact that viruses are treatable. Medicine will move forward. First everyone will ridicule you, then it’s well known.

We then moved on to the ever growing totalitarian arm of governments around the world who are strongly pushing the vaccine. We went down some very interesting red pill rabbit trails while keeping the conversation grounded in facts. Dr. Haider said the vaccine can keeill red blood cells by telling your genome to attack them and he points out the fact that short term side effects are being covered up. (See Sen Ron Johnson’s Expert Panel on Federal Vaccine Mandates

“The truth often does get out,” he encouraged our audience. We spoke of the hidden agenda of the deep state, touched on global warming, and somehow ended up at our favorite topic- the Federal Reserve and being taken off of the gold standard. “We’ve been going downhill since the 70’s when we were taken off of the gold standard,” Dr. Haider opined. “Inflation is theft,” and “The Federal Reserve is the mafia,” were two of my favorite lines from this second half of the conversation.
Boy was this was one exciting whirlwind of an interview!

Final tips from the Doc:
1. Nebulize
2. Zinc lozenges
3. Get ready, be prepared, be a boy scout- get your medicine cabinet stocked early.

Dr. Haider didn’t aim to be a hero one day and basically stumbled into medicine after his first foray into higher education didn’t pan out. He found himself on the floor of his dorm begging God to help him. He had an aunt to taught medical school in Pakistan and after a suggestion from his father, he decided he would at least try it. Living overseas opened his eyes to the toxic consumerism cultural and changed his life for the better. I think I can speak for humanity and say thank you Dr. Haider for finding your call and answering the call in this time of war. Yes war against a bio weapon virus but the war on our freedoms, our bodies, our autonomy. Thank you for being on the front lines fighting for each individual and their innate God given right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of early (and long haul) treatment. God Bless you and your family sir~



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2 years ago

Great interview! I learned so many helpful things. Question: in this and another podcast you spoke about compiling a list of resources for prevention and early outpatient treatment. I do not find it on your website. Please direct me. Thank you!

2 years ago
Reply to  Michelle

Thank you Michelle! There is so much information. It’s hard to know where to begin on a small income. God bless!

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