Must Watch! Freedom Loving EU MEP’s Epic Speeches!

Plus: Australian Police Stand Down At March & G20 Meet in Rome Ahead of the U.N. Climate Conference in Glasgow, Scotland

On today’s episode of top news from around the world: Five members of the European Parliament held a press conference on freedom and spoke out against such constraints on liberty such as “green passes.” The whole conference is worth watching as this is a watershed moment for not just Europe but the world. Also this week in the island prison colony previously known as Australia, a light of hope was lit. Thousands of protesters gathered in Melbourne’s CBD on Saturday calling on Premier Daniel Andrews to resign as they rallied against the Victorian government’s new pandemic legislation.  Chants erupting from the crowd included: “End the mandates,” “Stop medical apartheid,” and “We need Bill of Rights!” Meanwhile, Poland avoids paying EU fines by leaving email from EU Court Unread in a smart move against the totalitarians and Hungary’s Family Minister says the government will to Spend HUF 3,500 Billion on Family Support Next Year. Then, the G20 meet in Rome ahead of the U.N. climate conference in Glasgow, Scotland as Biden reminds us just what an embarrassment he is when around semi mentally competent people. Amazing protests abound as we go all around the world to cheer on freedom lovers from Milan to Calgary. All of that and MUCH MORE!

Join us LIVE at 1:45 PM ET on the following platforms: (note, clocks went back in the EU/UK but NOT in the US, that will be next week.)



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