Joe Says: It’s Vax ED or Mask… ED? Texas Passes Heartbeat Abortion Ban Bill! Updates on Israeli/Gaza Conflict5/14/21

On today’s episode of this week’s TOP news stories: #JoeBiden comes out with the best flub he’ given us yet! Trying to say it’s va**ed or masked… but in reading the prompter, he just can’t get it right… Joe is the gift that keeps in giving! #Gas stations in the south east are still without gas, as prices skyrocket and people panic… but what is REALLY going on- is it just a cyberattack? The latest updates on Israeli/Gaza conflict as #Israel threatens ground invasion and so much more! Join us LIVE!

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Steve Webster
Steve Webster
2 years ago

Left a more extensive comment on Rumble, but I just wanted to say that the deleted files are not truly deleted and can easily be recovered. Nothing is ever truly deleted. Also, the whole scene over the routers used with the machines, supposedly not online, may result in arrests. They were subpoenaed by the audit team from the Election Board Of Supervisors. They have yet to comply and have been trying to argue this is somehow a threat to privacy of voters. These are routers and do not store any such data. They only tell you when connections were made between PCs including IP addresses, but not what info was transferred. They know the public and judges are dumb enough to buy this BS. The MSM can work with that. A judge already verified that those subpoenas are both legal and enforceable, so they can be arrested for failing to comply if they don’t hand them over.

Oh the NH audit is not going as well and the patriots pushing it are doing a good job, it’s the other parties involved just being their corrupt selves. Movements for audits are underway in more states including PA, and of course we still have the cases in GA and MI as well. For daily updates on all this I recommend Nick Moseder, Behizy, and Dave Jose on YouTube, it’s literally all they do. Also `Out Of The Darkness’ is another channel I just discovered but these guys all know each other and the people heading up these audits as well as Lin Wood and others. These guys are also Christians, going back to what you’ve been saying that this is all going to be won by God and his disciples. They are all saying it too.

2 years ago

Good morning 🌞 ladies. Dawn from Florida here(with the 7 children) and I am still sober!! Your positive outlook and blatant honesty gives me the strength to keep being positive! I’m encouraged to continue homeschooling. I am restarting red pill academy so I can take notes and share it with my children. When I was at our church on New year’s Eve God gave me 1 word… “Reconciliation”….. Please pray that I this happens in our family 🙏 it’s needed! Thank you to PG for showing me how I want to Mama. Bless you all(and Uncle Jack) with peace and strength to continue. Your making a difference in my life and I will be honored to meet you someday,either here or in heaven!!!

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