Must See! Worldwide Rally For Freedom! Farage Says Socialist Labour Is Doomed; Pastor Artur Released 5/16/21

In today’s TOP news stories from around the world: World Wide Freedom Rally took place Saturday in more than 180 places around the world! Millions join together in UNITY! In Canada #PastorArtur is released, the latest details on his fight to defend religious liberty for us all! We have a hilarious Woke Labour Party Compilation that will have you in fits of laughter. Not a laughing matter: conflict escalates in #israeligaza struggle as AP/ AL Jezeera office, housing Hamas, is leveled by the IDF. All of that and much more, join us LIVE!

Live on:







Facebook is in dispute for now, try one of the other links first:

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Steve Webster
Steve Webster
3 years ago

Wow, how right you are about how this Worldwide Freedom Rally happened despite no real communication of it via SM. I didn’t even know about it until I saw your coverage of it. Very inspiring to see so many awake and standing up. This instills hope and also tells me that my state (WA) probably is just the most oppressive place on the planet. The further you get away from Seattle the less controlled and programmed the people are though. East of the mountains I don’t think they ever wore the masks and it’s MUCH red-er there. Still all masked up no matter how vax-ed up, and outside too. Kids aren’t required to in many places, yet the parents still have them wearing them, probably purely out of virtue signaling. The left are sheep that don’t want to hear from the actual shepherd. They seem to be driven to only believe the worst case scenario. Cynics and fear addicts, like the woman in the comedy video, that seems to comprise the majority of them.

3 years ago

How do I watch it if I missed it while it was live?

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