Hidden Meaning in 5785? 8 Life, New Living Waters 7 Multiplication, Zion, 5 Revelation Grace

Hidden Meaning in 5785? 8 Life, New Living Waters 7 Multiplication, Zion, 5 Revelation Grace

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 January 12, 2024 Word from the Lord, The King of Kings, Lord of Lords.

“I am the Protector of my Family”

The CONSTITUTION is the Supreme Law of the Land. The Constitution is the law that enforces the Declaration of Independence, on All people in America! We the government and our friends come along, side by side and we hold up the Declaration of Independence.

 Everything else we the government, do, say, and think,. Every law must support the Independence of the individual’s freedom before Almighty God. Man’s right to serve God and to Serve God only. To have no other master, no other lord or boss. According to the Ten Commandments. We the people are now the Ark of the New Everlasting Covenant through the shed blood of Jesus Christ. (Revelation Red Pill Wednesdays Episode 43).

Towards the End of blog a letter to Government in Ohio or make it Personal to The Federal Government or your State. Put it in your own words or use these.

Excerpt: January 9, 2023 The Head of our country, (Ohio), is Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ reigns in the hearts and minds of men.

Ohio: Everyone Produce your own food. Do it now. Everyone can carve an hour out of your schedule and work on producing and growing food. Everything about the way we live has flip flopped. You are designed to work for yourself- grow food yourself. You are designed to use gold and silver coins, horses, and heat with coal or firewood.

It’s time to throw out every law you have ever known.

We are looking at the Fall of Rome in Ohio.

Ohio is not a slave State. We are a free, Independent Nation, Country, and State.

 Read Out Loud:




1.)  https://www.bitchute.com/video/YWBLz9J46231/

2.) https://www.bitchute.com/video/kYRjFi3zm1AK/

Extra  https://www.bitchute.com/video/b4CxowqQiRbw/

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