Devaluing Silver is Pulling the Plug Of The Drain, Drains The Economy

Devaluing Silver is Pulling the Plug Of The Drain, Drains The Economy Dec. 29, 2023 Read Out loud Dec. 31, 2023
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Rafi Faber Discovered he was lied to! Silver is the center of the World. Devaluing Silver is Pulling the Plug Of The Drain. Drains The Economy Drains the Wealth of Everyone.! It is a robbery!
Lynette Zang: Dec 28, 2023 Gold silver, God can save everyone. Obedience to his Word, his Will be done.
Amanda Grace, Alex Jones, General Flynn, Clay Clark My Back ground color switched to the yellow, Orange Red color Amanda Grace was talking about. It is about a plane landing underground and buildings khaki colored and dark sand color. With a Salt Sea crocodile 35 feet long and very wide guarding these buildings. With a cone or vortex going up a round building. Then I’m watching Alex Jones wearing sand color, khaki colored shirt. Bring extremely negative speaking, not the word of God but Globalist fear-mongering words.
The Truth. Silver dollars and Greg Reese talk about the spark of life in Gold coins. Trace element in the bloodstream Amanda Grace: . Dec. 23-24, 2023. The Truth will give you supernatural power from God’s spirit. God’s money, Honest Money. Alex Jones: Dec. 26-27, 2023.

Rumble: Part 1

Edited pt1 New Year Prophecies Devaluing Silver is Pulling the Plug Drains The Economy


Rumble: Part 2


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