Cotton & Cruz Torch AG Garland Over Memo to FBI on Parents

Plus: FDA Approves Vax for Kids 5-11, Steve Kirsch Confronts FDA

This week the FDA voted 17-0 to approved the jab for little kids 5-11 even though they are not at risk from the virus. Steve Kirsch Confronted the FDA in an epic slide show showing how dangerous these things really are. Ted Cruz and Tom Cotton laid into Merrick Garland and his memo to the FBI asking him to investigate parents who are concerned over critical race theory, mandates, masks, and in Loudon County, VA a boy raped a girl in the bathroom while posing as a transgender and the school board covered it up. They sent the boy to another school where he committed the same heinous attack. Lincoln Project Democrat Operatives Busted For White Nationalist Hoax.

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