3 Videos Syed Haider Interviews

3 videos starring Dr. Syed Haider, full disclosure for our Christian Friends. Dr Haider is a Muslim.
He becomes a person’s tele-doctor before they get sick specializing in preventive medicines. These medicine are almost on the black market because the government wants everyone to get sick. He can tell you where you can get the medicine you need before you get sick. Evil men want to continue imaging they can enslave the world which is the devil’s lie to everyone. Bankers, counterfeiters pedophiles, criminals: just believe the devil. Jesus paid the price for our sins. Those who turn to Jesus and believe him are freemen. Jesus fills men with his Holy Spirit and Human beings become Saints. Whole, children of God. Freed from Satan’s tyranny, authoritarianism, totalitarianism, Fascist. Free from Satanic Demonic Power of his lies. No more can one man or group of men use domination, to rule others. All men must be saved, turn to God and be healed and obey God. Repentance: become honest men seeking the Truth from: Jesus, the Words of God, Written in the Holy Sacred Bible. All men are created the same, equal before God. These evil people want to claim that using wizardry that they can destroy you and what Jesus did. They did the same thing, use lies to legalize Abortion, slavery. Satan’s children always claim those they enslave and murder are not quiet human. So the can legally enslave and murder. Here they are continuing their enslavement and murders. It is up to us to not believe them or spread their lies. Continuing the illegal emergency powers and continuing to change everyone’s DNA so they can Falsely claim no one is human. Bill Gates, Fauci, many others basically bankers, chemist/wizards like Klaus Schwab’s family. They Claim they own everyone because of the patented material in their bodies. They falsely and illegally claim everyone is their slaves. The alternative is you will be murdered. Put to death as an enemy combatant or run away slave even.


Syed Haider has help 25,000 with early therapeutics to protect against many illnesses. Only 10 people got the bug. Treated over 4,000 with the bug. Only 5 hospitalizations. mygotodoc.com For early therapeutics Anywhere. Get them before you need them.
Full interview on Rumble: Crashing America | Dr. Syed Haider | BFB Live Field Report Battle Front Broadcasting Live Field Report https://rumble.com/vrtpt1-dr.-sayed-haider-reawaken-ameica-tour-bfb-live-field-report.html Dr. Syed Haider joined Dustin to discuss several topics which America faces today. From operating as a physician focused on patients more than money to the seizure of the United States economy, Dustin and Dr. Syed pulled no punches in this whiplashing interview.

Visit https://drsyedhaider.com for more information.

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Full show Alex Jones Inforwars: Bitchute Nightmare Bombshell! Deaths Up 40% Among Those 18-64, Confirming Covid Vax Kills – FULL SHOW 1/4/22 https://www.bitchute.com/video/nBwjIMH5Y5zL/ Dr. Syed Haider, MD, of https://mygotodoc.com joins The Alex Jones Show to expose how to fight Big Pharma’s stranglehold on life saving medicines.


Dr. Syed Haider Shares Life Shaving Tips w Laura Lynn, Owen Shroyer

Dr. Haider is the first doctor in the US to use Fluvoxamine for the treatment of Covid-19. He has been attacked 3 times by 2 separate medical boards and had many prescriptions thrown out by corporate-controlled pharmacists. Join us as he will tell us the right way and the wrong way to approach Covid care.
Full interview on Rumble https://rumble.com/vrk160-live-with-dr.-syed-haider.html Laura Lynn Live Title of Show: Live with Dr. Syed Haider
Full Show Owen Shroyer Warroom Jan 4, 2022
Ron Gibson WAR ROOM [1 OF 3] TUESDAY 1/4/22 • DR SYED HAIDER (MYGOTODOC) NEWS, REPORTS & ANALYSIS • INFOWARS https://www.bitchute.com/video/GnUpoJU5T0vs/

Preventive Medicine Dr. Syed Haider w Amanda Grace Clay Clark

Dr Syed Haider joins us to share about the 100% effective and affordable COVID-19 treatments and therapies.
Rumble ThriveTime Show Board-Certified Dr Syed Haider | Why 99% of Doctors Blindly Follow Protocols https://rumble.com/vro72x-board-certified-dr-syed-haider-why-99-of-doctors-blindly-follow-protocols.html
Early Treatment Protocol:
Vitamin D3
Iodine and Hydrogen Peroxide

What’s Inside the COVID-19 Vaccines?

Find the 100% Affordable and Effective COVID-19 Treatments and Therapies At:

Ms Vickie and Amanda Grace representing His Glory, on Thrive Time Business School without BS Channel
Rumble: Dr. Syed Haider | ReAwaken America Tour Dallas
Link https://rumble.com/vrnr3l-dr.-syed-haider-reawaken-america-tour-dallas.html
Syed Haider has help 25,000 with early therapeutics to protect against many illnesses. Only 10 people got the bug. Treated over 4,000 with the bug. Only 5 hospitalizations.

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