World Tennis #1 Djokovic’s Australian Deportation Fiasco

UK Doctor Confronts Javid Over Jab Requirements & What’s Happening in Kazakhstan?

Coming up on this week’s TOP News Stories from Around the World: Novak Djokovic, The World Tennis No. 1, landed in Melbourne on Wednesday night to compete in the Australian Open — the first Grand Slam of the tennis season — after announcing that he had received a vaccine exemption to compete in the tournament. Djokovic’s visa was then rejected; he now waits in an allegedly insect-infested hotel until his opportunity to overturn his deportation in an Australian court on Monday.

A NHS doctor told Health Secretary, Sajid Javid, on Friday that he’s not happy with the government’s Covid-19 vaccination mandate for health workers that is due to take effect in April. Then, from Zerohedge: “Geopolitical commentator Clint Ehrlich has reported while on the ground in Moscow that ‘the situation in Kazakhstan is a much bigger deal than Western media is letting on.’ He further argues that the mayhem unleashed this past week and ongoing violent destabilization significantly increases the risk of NATO-Russia conflict. ” All of that and MUCH MORE, coming up!

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