Wild & Wacky Week- Chauvin’s Trail Fair? Biden Masked w/ World Leaders- Dems Stop AZ Audit- AOC’s Filthy Mask

Resistance Chicks are back in the saddle this week after covering the monumental and world changing #HealthandFreedomConference in Tulsa, OK (technically Broken Arrow where they don’t have a mask mandate baby!) If you haven’t seen our coverage of that event you are missing out! #MikeLindell, #LinWood, #MikeAdams and so many more great minds gave powerful presentations and the breath of freedom has awakened! We are so excited to apply this Holy Ghost fire to the craziness of the day and boy, miss a week and the crazy meter goes up by 1,000! #CaitlynJenner is running for CA governor, #DerekChauvin is found guilty on all charges but did he get a fair trial? A 15 yr old girl was shot and killed by police as she lunged with a knife toward another girl right in front of cops and this tragic event has sparked a firestorm of debate. So what really happened? The much anticipated AZ forensic audit got off to a slow start as Democrats sent over 73 lawyers to stop a simple check up of votes. What do they need to hide? #BidenMasked conferenced in with world leaders and was the only one to wear a diaper on his face. They are laughing at us and we are laughing too so come join us for the wrap up of a week of facepalms that will leave you in stitches…not real ones, the kind that make you laugh. Click here for Google Drive doc about the vaccine reactions and deaths mentioned in tonight’s show.

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Resistance Chicks are back in the saddle this week after covering the monumental and world changing…

Posted by Resistance Chicks on Friday, April 23, 2021
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