We The People SW Ohio Freedom Festival Oct 14 and 15th 2023

Saturday October 14th

Freedom Festival🔥🔥🔥Dr. John Diamond, Dr.Alan Keys and Resistance Chicks

Assembling & Uniting Like-Minded Patriots To Make “OUR” Counties, States & Country Stronger. We Must “Network” To Stand For Our God-Given Constitutional Rights!
Untited We Stand – Divided We Fall
God Bless America and Everyone That Lives In It!

When: October 14th 9am-9pm & October 15th 9am-5pm

Where: Preble County Fairgrounds 722 Franklin St. Eaton, OH 45320

Freedom Festival, Ohio Dr. John Diamond Of AMERICA UNHINGED!

Freedom Festival Preble County Fairgrounds

October 14th, 2023

Sponsored by We The People SouthWest Ohio


Taking every thought captive with host Dr. John Diamond.

Hosted by Dr. John Diamond

Sunday at 9:00 PM, Weekdays at 9:00 AM and Saturday at 8:00 AMDr. John Diamond Of America Unhinged! Brighteon TV Weekdays 9:00am

Day 1 We The People SW Ohio Freedom Festival 2023 Event!

Sun Oct 15 Part 1 We The People SW Ohio Freedom Festival 2023

Ohio Freedom Festival! State Rep Rodney Creech, Candice Keller, Timothy Lee Back, Coach Dave, Jason Miller, Barbara Ann We The People SW Ohio Freedom Festival 2023 Sunday October 15, 2023#issue1ohio #prolife #OhioIssue1 Car Magnets, Yards Signs, Issue #1

Ohio Damon Appel https://sites.google.com/view/vote-no-issue-1-2023/home?fbclid=IwAR2x1e9w4JtrmtcH0VSETAaPLScHc6l6Yab0EUPY7B-CbrYD42JBdhDDeGM


Election Forum Clermont County Republican Party Josh Barns 197 East Main St. Batavia Ohio 45103 (513) 801-0874 Plain Vote NO Issue One sign. https://www.facebook.com/groups/ohioelectionforum/media


Resistance Chicks Michelle Svensson Made another sign on CANVA you need to order from Canva with all the information in shorthand. VOTE NO on Ohio’s Issue 1 that will be going out front in our yard. If you would like to order one, it was roughly $80 for the size I got from Canva but you can order a smaller size directly from them with this link I created.


Sun Oct 15 Part 2 We The People SW Ohio Freedom Festival 2023

Day 2 Jason Miller and Coach Dave Sunday October 15, 2023

Jason Miller Survives 300 ft Fall From Inside A Tornado

Say No To Child Betrothals, Prostitutions, Sex Trafficking of Children Candace Keller Says Say “NO” TO ISSUE #1

Day 1 Former Victim Fights Child Trafficking!

Day 1 Ohio Medical Right to Refuse Needs Your Signatures NOW!

Five Star Jewls plus Vote NO Issue #1

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