War or Peace “The Tale of Two Kingdoms” The Kingdom of God

Rumble Part 1

Rumble Part 2

Bitchute Part 1

Bitchute Part 2

The Kingdom Option. Do not be led astray by the inventions, and machines of Men. God is all Powerful, More powerful than any invention the Devil can give to men to kill, steal, destroy, and enslave his fellow man. Men are fighting against their own God-given freedom! Jesus Christ the Prince of Peace, Amir of Peace for Muslims. Jesus Christ is the TSar for Muslims and Russians. He is Prince Caesar of LIFE! All Human inventions for War, War against nature, and the God of nature. Only Horses are transportation, and Only gold and Silver coins are money. Farming is the only right way to live in peace with one another. Life Liberty and pursuit of land, farm, marriage children, crops, and herds are gifts from the government. God instituted government under the Family Farm. We The People. For civilized peace among men.

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