War News Series The Strongest and The Weakest

Wars News Series Part 1 The Right Voices Are Going To Get Louder

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No! That would be counterfeiting stealing. I am not a thief!

Live by the Laws of God written in our hearts and minds when we are born. Read the Bible laws written in you. God gives you the power to obey them and the words to get it done. God’s written word is in your childhood mind! 2,3,4 years old. Keep everyone healthy and happy.

James 5 Repent of counterfeiting money!

Matthew 4:4 AMP

But Jesus replied, “It is written and forever remains written, ‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes out of the mouth of God.’”he right way to live is to build a house build a farm build a family. With your own two hands. Praying to God for justice in your great-granddaddy’s life! We suffer today because of what happened then. Communism. Evil stole their farms and gold and put them into slavery under fiat-printed fake money.

@End Game Investor

Those who are addicted to drugs and homeless will have homes and families, Sound sound-minded again. While those in mansions will eat grass and lose everything they did because they did the works of darkness to obtain what they had.

Wars News Series The Strongest and The Weakest

***Wars News Tyranny, All Come From the Devil, Slavery Vs Life, Liberty, and Freedom a Gift from Jesus Christ Kingdom on The Earth With Patriot Gallery***
Part 1 The Right Voices are Going to Get Louder
0:00-7:54 Faith in God, Prophecy, Going to Get Louder, Children of God
8:00-26:55 Professional Fire Department Evidence Maui, Blue Tarp, A calling Card Left at the scene of the Crime. Who is the villain? Let’s Call Him “Firey Laser Luther The Destroyer”! He definitely serves Lucifer in Mass Murders and uses Lasers to start fires, to Destroy.
25:55-35:31 War News Slavery vs Liberty Jesus Kingdom, The Laws you are Born With, Safe on Your Own Land!
35:31-50:02 Michelle Pray for Judgement brings Justice and Healing.
50:02-59:40 What is Next? What to do, Dr. Artist Nicotine Patches, Our Covenant is With God, A blood Covenant
59:1:18:55 Lynette Zang, Rafi Faber, Because of Honest Money, The Truth Only gold and silver coins are money, No Taxes, Income, or Property. Because taxes are volunteer. The government employees only get paid when it is doing the job and are good men. The People retain the power of the purse in doing so the People control the government.
1:18:55-End Timothy V. Dixon It is Going to Get Louder, Like When Moses brought down the Ten Commandments from Mount Sinai. Mount Sinai is renowned as the principal site of divine revelation in Jewish history, where God appeared to Moses and gave him the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20; Deuteronomy 5).

Part 2 Patriots are Men Competing Against Women  Become Morally Superior, Stronger 

PG here, Whether it is the UN, FEMA, NWO, Babylonians, WEF, US Gov, FBI, CIA, or Big Pharma the problem is the lack of a high standard of morality within the people and society. A lack of the power of God which is the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of Truth, love, and power that cleanses men’s minds. The same Holy, pure sinless spirit heals the mortal soul and that heals the physical body. No leader but Jesus Christ. He has destroyed Satan’s power and given his children power over all the power of the enemy. We are more than Conquerors! Only gold and Silver coins are money. According to James 5 stop counterfeiting money. Confess this crime of stealing. God will forgive and heal everyone, bring justice, and stop corruption. Counterfeited money will come to justice! It is lying, and deceiving, looting, slavery, raping, pillaging. The ultimate corruption.

00:00-16:28 Intro short synopsis of Part 1 and Part 2, Part 1 Foundation

16:28-38:22 Dr. Lee Merrit Blood Lines Corrupt Court System, Reese Report, They are Not the Problem but symptoms that tell us there is a problem.

38:22-48:49 Obfuscation, confusion. The Root of the Problem is changing Monetary Systems, for the slavery of the Masses. Perversion of everything. The Laws of God written in us when we are born are the power of God and the Constitution, true laws! Then the people of God with Faith in God’s power to save, deliver, and heal, start to heal. Fix the Root of the problem then the symptoms go away. All Inventions with Fiat are an act of War.

38:22-1:10:40 Scott Kesterson, Mike Adams Brighteon Broadcasting News, Decentralization. The Gospel is preached around the World, The results are healing the nations, Farming, and Independence. People building their own governments and communities, County by County. Crypto kills the new starting communities because it is based on fraud and deceit. Digital Currency is equal to Federal Reserve Money, made out of thin air.

1:10:40-1:12:19 Progressism is Tyranny instituted by The Devil, Slavery. Christianity is Life, Liberty, Freedom, and Strong Morals. It is Jesus Christ’s Kingdom on Earth. Men live by the laws of God that people around the world are born with.

1:12:19-1:18:40 Alex Jones partners with Maggots on the earth to weaken dehumanize and demoralize the Patriots. Sexualization of America by our enemies, child molesters. Seems to try to start a civil War. Satan can not cast out Satan. Only the most highly morally mentally well-adjusted men, good men can overcome evil. Fighting for the good of their Families. Men with God protecting women and children keeping their minds clean by the Holy Spirit.

1:18:40- End Pete Santilli and Kevin D. Freeman talk about the root of All the Problems which is counterfeiting money. Solutions to heal. Crypto and digital currencies are Trojan horses.

Part 2 Patriots are Men Competing Against Women  Become Morally Superior, Stronger 

You Will Break Records! 

Part 3 Amazing Grace Prophecies and Monetary Summaries for the Future

God will clean the land, air, and water. Good Honest People will feel safe in their own country again. PG here. While listening to this video the Lord led me to the Truth. People run their own government. Good men run their own government. Jesus Christ forgives our sins fills us with his spirit the spirit working in us cleanses our conscience, and our minds, and heals are broken minds so we can do the right thing. Love Jesus Christ, God with our whole minds, and all that is in us, loves Jesus. We share that powerful love with one another. Can not be punished anymore because we do not sin any longer but love our neighbor as God loved us. Amazing Grace. No more machines! Rights come from God. No more industrial Age, No more military Age, no more Bankers Age! It is All over!
0:00-11:03 Bill Holter Gold and Silver Coins, Junk silver. The price will skyrocket. All you need is a silver dime. Buy 3 Flour Sacks full, a roll of dimes can feed your family for a week.
11:03-23:01 Midnight Cry with Deborah, Debrah Williams Prophecy, Repents is the door worship is the Key to enter the Kingdom.
23:01-26:57 Wall Street Silver Criminalizing CBDC Some congressmen are making some bills stopping its Creation. Bankers need Congressional Approval.
26:57-43:04 The Ministry of Government conspired with the Miltary Are snake oil salesmen and poisoned the people for greed. Judgment coming, Frontline Doctors, and all others fighting against medical Tyranny, fighting for Freedom will be vindicated.
43:04-55:00 Peter Hammond South America on Fire teaching Revelation Red Pill THE REAL STORY OF THE BOOK OF REVELATION AND ITS RELEVANCE TODAY
57:00- To the End Brighteon Broadcasting Network FEMA Maui, Word from God,

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